The Fitbit Aria 2 review-An image of a person exercising

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The Fitbit Aria 2 review

Presently ,as we speak, body weight scale have become the new normal. It is rare to find someone who still buys old model of body weight scales, the ones with the needle and big numbers. There are a lot of… Continue Reading…

ReviewsSmart scales

The fitbit aria air review

Have you all noticed how electronic devices are getting more and more fancy each year ?It is really astonishing to see how much can be done in just a few clicks when using these smart devices. Things which used to… Continue Reading…

The Renpho body fat scale review-An image of two women exercising

ReviewsSmart scales

The Renpho body fat scale review

Product : Renpho body fat scale Dimensions : 27.94×2.94×27.94 cm Weight :1.29 Kilograms In the renpho body fat scale review here, we will see together: why buy this smart scale? How to use this scale the proper way and avoid… Continue Reading…

Body fat scales and accuracy-An image of a woman stepping on a body fat scale

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Body fat scales and accuracy

Body fat scales and accuracy,  is one of the big topics  that people are debating about these days, when they see all that body fat scales  can do . Some people exercise on a regular basis, eat healthy food to… Continue Reading…

The Fittrack smart scale review-A woman with a phone

ReviewsSmart scales

The Fittrack smart scale review

Product :Fittrack Dara Type : Body weight smart scale In the Fittrack smart scale review here, I will pull out the most important details about this scale. I am going to start by defining a smart scale , the next thing I… Continue Reading…

The best smart scales in 2020-A measuring tape on a scale

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The best smart scales in 2020

Really ,looking at a body weight smart scale , amazes me.A few years ago,measuring the body weight, meant standing on a massive scale with a needle and numbers.The user had to stand steady,bare feet, while looking down to see on… Continue Reading…

A woman walking on stairs

ReviewsSmart scales

The Fitindex smart scale review-Know this before buying one !

Product : Fitindex smart scale Connectivity : Bluetooth Compatibility :IOS and android In the Fitindex smart scale review here,we are going to take a close look at the Bluetooth body fat scale by Fitindex.This smart scale uses the bio electrical… Continue Reading…


The Amazon Echo studio review-Is it better than the Sonos One ?

Product : Amazon echo studio Type : Smart speaker with Alexa and hub built-in Product overview The amazon echo studio is a smart speaker by amazon which was released in November 2019. It is known for its good sound quality… Continue Reading…


The echo show 8 review-All you need to know

Product:Amazon echo show 8 Type: Smart display Product overview It is a smart display by Amazon with an 8 inch touch screen.It is also known for it video and sound quality.This smart device has the Alexa voice built-in.When the user… Continue Reading…

smart home products in 2020


The best smart home products in 2020-Everybody loves them

We all agree that 2020 has been a busy year ?I mean with the disease,the rumors,the fears and the list goes on.Some businesses shot down and other businesses rose in this situation.Most of us spend the majority of time with… Continue Reading…

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