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Body fat scales and accuracy

Body fat scales and accuracy,  is one of the big topics  that people are debating about these days, when they see all that body fat scales  can do .

Some people exercise on a regular basis, eat healthy food to lose weight and yet don’t see any change, when they look at their body weight on the scale. The reason this happens, is that exercising strengthens the muscles which also means an increasing muscle mass despite a body fat loss.

When this happens to someone, it may be a sign that they need to measure their body fat percentage instead of just the body weight.This is how they would be able see what is going on inside their body and see if all the hard exercising and discipline are paying off .

Body fat scales and accuracy -An image of a laughing woman

These smart scales can tell the user about their health.They show the user the healthy ratio fat VS muscles and where they are standing based on their measurements data .

Although they can do a lot of nice things,they are not perfect.Nothing is perfect here on earth .

Since they can measure a lot of things, someone could think they don’t need doctors anymore, to know about their body composition data.Who knows ?It could happen someday. However, for now,they are mostly for home use, while a person is waiting for the next visit to their doctors or personal trainer.

How do body fat scales work ?

Body fat scales work differently from old body weighing scales.One of the thing they have in common and which i think can be  guessed ,is the fact that a person has to step on them,wait a little bit,until the measurement is taken .

For the old weighing scales,the person who is taking the measurement, stands on the scale, steady,with no shoes or heavy clothing,until the needle stops.An old scale has a screen with numbers around a turning needle,it looks almost like a big clock .The weight of the person would be the number where the needle has stopped after a person has stepped on the scale .

Body fat scales and accuracy -An image of an old body weight scale

Body fat smart scale can take the measurement in seconds.When a person steps on the scale,a weak ,small and safe electric current, is released from the scale, goes through the leg of the user,travels through the whole body from bottom to top, before going back to the scale through the other leg. The current which travels through the body, experience a natural resistance from body fat.A body fat scale usually has sensors which are used to measure the level of the resistance,the current encountered while traveling through the body .

Smart body fat scales, usually have a nicer design than the old scales,they are also lighter and easy to carry around . Most of the time,these scales work with an application of their own, to connect with phones,tablets ,smartwatches and other devices . The measurement results from a smart body fat scale ,are displayed directly on the screen of the connected phone or tablet ,where they can be accessed easily ,studied,tracked and more.

What is the body fat percentage ?

The body fat percentage of a human also known as BFP, is the total mass of a person’s fat divided by their total body mass.To get a percentage value, the result of the division is multiplied by a hundred.A person can’t live without body fat and a risky level of body fat percentage can affect the reproductive ability . Women naturally have a higher body fat percentage than men because their body is designed different, they can bear a child and their hormones have different functions.Storage body fat are from an accumulation in adipose tissues, a part of them protect internal organs in the chest, abdomen and arms ( Lungs, veins , stomach,skeleton ,kidneys ,etc).The body fat percentage is very efficient in measuring the fitness level of a person. The body fat percentage and the body mass index (BMI) are the most used to measure other body composition index.The BFP measures without using their height and their weight of the person and it can be measured in many ways. It can be measured using calipers per example or bio electrical impedance analysis (BIA)which most body fat scales use .

What is the body mass index (BMI )

The body mass index (BMI), can be used to determine also the body composition of a person. However,BMI uses the height and the weight of a person for the measurement.The BMI can be very efficient when measuring a large group of people to determine the big health picture of everybody but it sometimes can’t provide that many informations on the fitness level of a single person like the body fat percentage measurement does. The body mass index measurement can be affected easily by the muscle mass and the size of the bones of a person .

What is a safe body fat percentage range ?

Here are the different ranges of body fat percentage starting from what a person naturally needs to live, to the range where a person could be in danger, of getting health problem, because of their body fat :

  • Essential fat are between 10 and 13 percent
  • For people who are more active,like athletes, with a higher muscle mass,they have between 14 and 20 percent
  • If a person has from 21 percent to 24,it means they are generally, in a fit condition .
  • 25 percent to 31 is considered acceptable for a person who is less active
  • Above 32 percent of body fat, a person could obese, depending on their age .

Here is the right body fat percentage,based on the age of a person :

  • For someone between 20 and 39 years old, the right range of body fat, should be between 21 to 32 percent .
  • For a person who is 40 years old,up to 59,their body fat should be between 23 to 33 percent .
  • As a person ages, their body fat increases, while their lean mass and bone mineral density decrease. A 60 years old person should have between 24 to 35 percent of body fat and should stay in this range until when they are approaching 80 years .

How accurate are body fat scales?

Body fat scales and accuracy-An image of a Renpho body fat scale


To sum up,body fat smart scales are usually accurate .While some people say that they are not accurate enough , these scales depend on many variables when measuring, to give the user the best accurate result and best experience.The reason why some people say this,is probably due to how these scales are designed to function. When a new user is setting up a body fat scale,they need to enter correct and exact information regarding their body (Height ,Gender, Age , etc ).If one of these information is mistaken,results from the body fat scales are probably going to be wrong to a certain measure.In such  a case, the scale tries to stay in the reasonable measurement range .That is why sometimes the user can get two different  measurement results .Here is a suggestion ,if a body fat scale gives two different measurements, it means that the right result is the average of the two, because it always tries to stay in the right range of measurements, depending on the personal information interred while setting up the scale.Although the set up process is very easy and takes like 2 minutes max,it is one of the most important part of using these body weight scales.

Are you an active person who like to exercise ?Are you a kid or an adult?Are you pregnant ? These are some questions which can also be answered in the setting up process.These scales usually have different modes to fit everyone,they have  many more nice features ,check out the best smart scales in 2020 for more.

What are your thoughts about body fat scales accuracy ? Feel free to leave a comment below ,i will get back to you.  Don’t forget  also to like and share  this article with friends and family .

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25 comments on “Body fat scales and accuracy

Hi, my mom’s been trying to lose weight while exercising at the same time, she diets and tries to eat all the right things but always complains that she sees no difference in her weight. I keep telling her she’s looking better and it’s not all about the fat that determines her weight but it seems she’s a bit stubborn haha. I’ve never heard of body fat scales in my life somehow and I might need to invest in one now, the science behind how it works sounds fascinating. You don’t feel this current as it goes through you right?


Hi Kevin ,the current which is sent through the body is weak ,the user does not feel it when this happens ,it is just enough for the measurement and it is harmless ,i hope this answers your question ,Thank you Kevin


14 to 20% body fat is what I need. Been looking for that. Started a new way of eating. Not a diet per say, because I hate that term. A new lifestyle with perfect change. I like the ones you listed on here, the more complex the funner it is I think lol.


Thank you Alex,i am glad you like my article


This post has made me immediately want to go out and buy some smart scales. I´ve been trying to lose weight for years and it would be great if I could have more information relating to the fat ratio of my body. Thank you for this informative post.


Hi susan ,yeah smart scales are great ,they have a lot of nice features,give it a try ,you are going to like it .Thank you for reading my article and let me know when you buy your scale


What an excellent article you have written about the body fat scales and their accuracy. This topic is kind of new to me, but I’ve learnt ton of information after reading your lovely article. I was not aware before that a person’s essential fat is between 10 to 12%. This is amazing learning for me as I will keep an out on my body’s fat content using these body fat scales.

Thank you


Hey Habib ,i am glad you like my article ,thank you very much foe your time ,feel free to visit the site again ,more nice articles coming up


I have always been a slim person and I don’t easily put on weight, even when I overindulge. For me it is a lot easier to lose weight, so I always need to make sure that I eat enough. I did not know about the body fat percentages, that was an interesting thing to learn. Next time I stand on a smart scale, I will pay attention to the information it provides me, just to see if I am in the right percentage 🙂


Hi Christine ,you are right ,it is important to check other body index .Most people are just familiar with measuring weight but the body composition include a lot more that just the weight .Thank you very much


I am amazed at how little I know about weighing scales. OMG! And I have used them all my life. Obviously I weigh a few pounds over as does everyone.
The paragraphs on BMI and WEight management are interesting and give a lot of information.
Thank u for this lovely post.


You are welcome Aparna ,thanks to you for reading and liking the post


Well, very timely for me. I was thinking of purchasing a smart scale, but was not really convinced of their accuracy. I’ve had my body fat measured before on serious medical scales, so I was wondering whether these for home made ones can give the same accuracy. I’m glad you confirmed it, so now I can be confident my future scale will show wrong results only if I haven’t exercised enough!
Thank you choosing exactly this topic for your great post!


Hi Kerryanne , I am glad my post helped you decide about getting a smart scale .Let me know when you get one ,if you encounter any problem ,i will help you with troubleshooting


Hey Jim, I’ve been gymming for the past few months, calorie counting and meal prepping. So far I’ve been trying to estimate my body fat % through taking various measurements of my body with a flexible ruler. It has proven to be quite tedious and annoying. I think I might the time and actually invest in a body fat scale now haha, you definitely made a good point for it.


Hi James ,i am glad i helped you made up your mind on this .Thank you very much and let me know if you need any help when choosing your scale


Great article. I have been exercising and eating healthily in an attempt to lose weight. While I have seen some results (down 28.9 pounds) I don’t see results in the mirror yet. My husband says I am looking better and that it is a big difference. I am thinking I will buy a smart scale to keep an eye that way. It might be a more effective measurement for me to actually see results. I get so discouraged when I see the same image in the mirror. Do you think this will help?


Hi Deborah ,this will definitely help as you will be able to see all the little details which most people neglect yet which are very important .Give it a try
and let me know how you like it and don’t hesitate whenever you have a question regarding smart scales.Good luck


Hi Deborah ,this will definitely help as you will be able to see all the little details which most people neglect yet which are very important .Give it a try
and let me know how you like it and don’t hesitate whenever you have a question regarding smart scales.Good luck


Hi Jim-kelly,

Thanks for a great read.

Well, as someone who exercises a lot and never, ever uses conventional weighing scales, I am so glad that you’ve spoken about the effects of increased muscle mass on weight.

I think people are so obsessed with “how much they weigh”, factors such as how healthy you are seem to go out the window.

You’re so right, knowing your body fat is so much more important tha knowing how much you weigh.

I know from personal exprience, and from training for intense obstacle races, such as the Spartan Race, I have had my own body fat percentage as low as 8%, but I generally feel far happier and healthier when it’s little higher.

I must admit that I’ve only ever used body fat scales at the gym, but it seems as though it may be a worthwhile investment to have some at home too.



Yeah Partha ,it is always good to have one at home.Sometimes ,it is not possible to use the one at the Gym . When you have one at home ,you can measure yourself whenever which is very practical and cool


Hi wow, I amazed to see how little I know about weighing scales. I’ve had my body fat measured before on serious medical scales, so I was wondering whether these for homemade ones can give the same accuracy. I’m not the kind of person who really cares about my weight
This is great information, thank you for sharing.


Hi Lyne ,thank you for asking .Smart scales are generally accurate.Most user get wrong results for not following all the steps carefully during the setting up process.This is the most reason for inaccurate measurements


Smart this, smart that, you just can’t get away from it nowadays.

For anybody who is on a diet, into their gyms and exercising when you are looking for that little bit of a difference something like this is just what you are looking for because looking for those minuscule changes in ounces often isn’t enough.

Mind you, for this type of scale to be effective you have to be very accurate with the data that you input.

Great review and thank you for sharing


You are right Mick ,they depend a lot on the personal information the user puts in while setting up the scale .I am glad you like my review Mick ,thank you very much


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