How to choose a smart TV- Best tips

Do you remember the old TVs which had an antenna on the top ?Sometimes you could lose the signal and had to move the antenna to search for the signal.Nowadays ,more and more people are getting rid of their old TVs and are now opting for smart TVs . Honestly,smart TVs are far way better and can do a lot more than the old TVs on which we were only able to watch local channels by default. However, all the smart TV are not the same therefore choosing which smart TV to buy can be tricky.So ,here are some tips of how to choose a smart TV .

What is your budget ?

It important to know how much you want to spend on a TV:

  • Two TVs can have the same features but differ in the size of the screen. It is your call here for which one you want to choose
  • Mostly ,when you spend more on a TV you get one with better quality images,colors ,contrast,a bigger screen and also deeper blacks.

Which size of TV do you want?

  • The bigger the better
  • Consider the size of your room and the wall where the TV is going to be
  • You need a picture that fills your field of view
  • TV on a stand will take more space than a wall-mounted TV
  • Consider the cabinets around your TV in case there are some
  • 25 to 39 inches could be better for a bedroom
  • 40 to 59 inches are better for a small room
  • 60 to 79 inches are more for large rooms .
  • 80 inches and up for larger rooms.This one is heavy and could need a TV stand

Do you want OLED or QLED?

It is important to choose between these two.They are both great display technology for your TV and they both have advantages.However, they are different.Here are some main differences :

  • QLED is mostly Samsung TV
  • QLED can produce a larger range of color
  • QLED has a higher brightness
  • QLED is mostly less expensive than OLED
  • OLED is more for Sony and LG TVs
  • OLED is used more for large display
  • OLED can have the one of the best black level. The better the black level,the better the contrast of the TV
  • OLED brightness quality is inferior To the one that QLED has
  • OLED is thinner, lighter and doesn’t use a lot of energy compared to QLED
  • OLED is more efficient when you are seating on an angle to watch the TV

Which resolution do you want for your TV ?8K ,4K or HD?


  • When your TV has more Pixels it means the images are going to look better .
  • 8k is the newest and has more pixels than 4k and HD
  • 8k TVs are rare  but are going to be seen more and more on the market
  • Not all the stores are selling 8k right now
  • 8k is the best of the best and is more expensive than the other resolutions(4k and HD)
  • HD has less pixels than 4k
  • 4k is an improved version of HD display technology.
  • 4K is the new standard for TVs and it is also known as ultra HD
  • HDTV images quality is inferior and is usually cheaper.
  • 4k resolution has the capability to transform content designed for HD in 4k resolution.8k is capable of doing the same for 4k and HD content

You need a TV which is HDR compatible

Your TV needs to have High Dynamic range and here is what it does for your TV:

  • Color on TV is better with HDR
  • Without HDR certain real life color on your TV can’t be reproduced properly
  • HDR improves images on your TV and the contrast
  • HDR brings up on your TV the real life colors
  • There are more and more content from the streaming services ( Netflix,HBO ,Hulu and more )that you can’t watch unless you have 4k with HDR.

Make sure it is a smart TV

Most of people don’t use cable anymore. In contrast to the old TVs,smart TV allows you to do a lot of things which the old TVs were not able to do :

  • you won’t need cable or the satellite dish if you have a smart TV
  • you can stream directly using your WiFi content from the streaming channel and live channels. You can stream music,movies ,news,sports channels,and more.You just need to have a working internet at home
  • You could connect your smart phone to your smart TV and watch content from your phone on your TV screen
  • smart TV streaming works better with a high speed internet connection

HDMI port,AV cable,and more

Your TV needs to have different in put port so that you can connect your other devices to it easily.You may need to connect these devices to your TV:

  • Laptop
  • Gaming console
  • soundbar
  • USB
  • Etc

A TV with as many of input port is better.It allows you to connect to your other devices easily.You may need to connect more than one device at time. When you buy for these connecting cables choose the best quality ones because the better the quality of the connecting cable the better the signal that go through them.

A TV with Bluetooth connection is better

A TV with Bluetooth is awesome since it could allow you to do these things

  • Wireless connection to other devices which use Bluetooth
  • Play movies,music on your TV through Bluetooth headphones so that you don’t disturb others who are sleeping,studying or working. Let’s also don’t forget that you can hear more clear the words with the headphones

Buy your new TV with a warranty

When we buy things,a warranty is something very important.In some case and for some products there are no warranties .However, if a product you are buying can have a warranty it may be worth signing up for it as well,as long as it is not going to cost you more than the price for the product.

Most TVs come with a manufacturer warranty and this one covers things like :

  • It mostly last for about for a year from the purchase date
  • Replacement for the TV in case the TV is faulty due to a problem with the TV itself and the manufacturer.
  • it could cover also replacement of faulty parts and the labor.To have the service you may have to take the TV to the manufacturer yourself

An extend warranty could help you with more things:

  • It starts the day you buy it and it could last for years
  • It could include replacement for the TV in case it is faulty no matter how this happened.
  • It may include help via telephone with a technician to help you troubleshoot problems tin case they occur
  • A technician could come to fix the TV in your home in case there is a problem
  • Free device pick up to go the shop for repairs
  • Recalibrations
  • The warranty provider makes sure your TV works well by maintaining it regularly .
  • They check if everything is OK ,even when the TV doesn’t need any repair.

It is really your choice here.It is recommended to start the extended warranty when the manufacturers expires . Don’t forget make sure you have a warranty for your TV.

Be proud and enjoy your TV

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Some of us have bought products ,devices,spent money on them and then realize it was a bad choice . By the time we realized that there are other nicer versions of the product, in the same price range,It was too late for you for return or for exchange.When you buy your next TV take your time use these tips remember how to choose a smart TV before you make your choice .


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Hello. Who would have thought that we would go from a box with barely any pictures to a TV that can display your phone online? We have advanced in our technology! Thank you for this post because you have taught me how to choose a smart TV that fits my needs. I play a lot of video games so having a huge screen is a must. Is it possible to run very old video games on something this modern?


Hi David ,

Of course you can connect your console to your Tv .The ideal TV should have input ports for our other devices to connect


Thank you for the detailed article. I like simple thing but there is so much choice out there it is always confusing what one is buying. My TV is almost 10 yrs and I have thoughts of getting a new one but again I ask myself what is it that I need. That is where your article comes in handy. I am definitely saving his.


I am glad you like my post.Thank you


I never knew I needed this site until today. I hope just for more content soon that can add to website. Keep it up


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