How to make your home a smart home-Upgrade your life


I know it hard but we have to forget the old days. Today we are in 2020 and a lot has changed. Today there are new technologies that could make our lives easier. For example, when you are at home and you need to know what time it is, you can know this just by asking devices you have in your home. You don’t even have to look at the device. You can know about the weather, the trending news, ask anything you need to know or do. There are smart devices today that can get connected together in your home by WiFi and can control security, temperature, your lightning and more. They can do almost everything you want to do in your home. Having these devices in your home is how to make your home a smart home. So, which devices do I need to have a smart home?

Some devices we can start with

There are many devices today that we can use for this. Newer one are being released each year. The best is yet to come but here is are some devices we can start with :

  • Smart security system
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart speakers
  • smart refrigerator

what can these devices do

There are a lot of things we won’t need to do when you have these devices, here is what they can help us do one by one

  • Smart security system:

-If someone comes at your home, you can see them from wherever you are by having access to the camera images and sound whenever and wherever you are .

-You can open doors without using keys just through the security system. This is very helpful when the key get locked in the house

-Smart alarm system

  • Smart thermostat:

-Control the temperature in your house from your cellphone or tablet

-This smart thermostat can know if you are about to be home soon and adjust the temperature how you like. This thermostat learns your habits

  • Smart light bulbs:

– You can change the color of the bulbs whenever you want and how you want

-You can adjust brightness of the lights

-You can command the lights by just speaking if you use also a smart speaker at your home

  • Smart speakers:

– Listen to you, takes your command

-Tells you what you want to know from the internet

-Tells you what’s the weather like on a given day

-Plays nonstop music by genre or artist and more. Just speak to the speaker

  • Smart refrigerator:

-Can know what kind of products are stored inside

-Can know and tell you when you need to replenish a product

-It keeps track of the stock

You can do all this just from your phone or tablet and from wherever you are. Isn’t this fun ?

However, we definitely need a nice internet connection to do all these things with our device. Having a bad WiFi connection at home could be frustrating because we won’t be able to do none of these things. They kind of depend on your WiFi connection to work properly.

Disadvantages and solutions

Living in a smart home is wonderful but we also need to know some of these things before :

  • Smart devices store the personal informations you sign up with to use them
  • Some smart devices like smart phone stores your location .
  • When we use smart devices it is really hard to keep our privacy .

However,there area few ways to protect our privacy that we all need to know :

  • Secure you WiFi network at your home by using a strong password
  • You can turn off your location on smart devices whenever you want. You can do this when you are not using the device
  • when you choose apps for your device, make sure you choose the one with a privacy policy that suit you
  • You can disable cameras and microphones on the devices whenever you want. You can do this when you are not using the device.
  • When signing up on the smart devices,create usernames if possible which don’t reveal your personal informations.

Does it really worth it ?

Someone could say,I don’t want the smart homes thing.I like to keep my old house as it is.But generally speaking there are advantages of living in a smart home.They include :

  • You can manage all your home devices on your phone or tablet in one place
  • Living in a home with smart security system maximizes your home security
  • You can remotely control things like temperature in your home from wherever you are
  • Check if you left the TV or radio on.You can turn them on and off from where you are
  • You can control the oven remotely from where you are .
  • Keep energy with the smart thermostat,control your lightning.The smart bulbs can be programmed to turn on and off when someone enters or leaves a room. You won’t waste energy.
  • Get assistance when you cook .No more overcooked or undercooked food .The smart oven assists you when you cook.

These are just a few  advantages of living in a smart home .Let’s also don’t forget that newer smart home devices are on the way.The manufacturers of these devices are in a race of who will deliver the best products .

Take your life to the next level

New technologies that are available today are only here to make our lives easier and more enjoyable .We can’t enjoy ourselves and leave behind our homes where we live. I know we take care of them ,we do clean ups ,we do gardening and more to make our homes beautiful .How about we also integrate these smart devices in our lives ?I can assure you one thing ,living in a smart home takes our lives to another level .It saves us time since we can manage all our devices in one place.Moreover ,while these devices assist us we can have more and more time around our schedules to do other things.

Is there someone who doesn’t want to have more free time , have their home secured and command all the devices at home remotely ?Having these gadgets at home puts us one step ahead in our everyday life .Beyond that ,I also believe wheither we want it or not ,technology is evolving so fast and we need to keep up somehow at a certain point.This is one example among many .There still a lot on the way but let’s don’t focus on that for now .These are few ideas of how to make your home a smart home and what it involves.


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