How to use a google home mini-A general idea

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You probably have seen or heard about google speakers. They are amazing, they are smart speakers. They can do far way more than the traditional speakers were able to do.They are many as we speak and I am sure there will be new release in the days ahead. They include :

  • Onkyo smart speaker G3
  • Google home mini(Google nest mini)
  • JLB link 20
  • soundcore model zero+
  • Sonos Move
  • Google.home
  • Google.home max
  • Solis SO-2000
  • Bose portable home speaker
  • Klipsch the three
  • JLB link 500
  • Polk assist
  • JLB link 300
  • Sony LF-S50G
  • And more

Since I have a google home mini myself I find it more suitable to talk about the google home mini in this article .

(As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals on the Google Home Mini .When someone uses a link on this page  to make a purchase i may get a  small commission from the purchase)


It is definitely a nice gear to have in our homes. However ,you can have it and not know how to use it. Trust me it can do a lot of things but as user we need to know them. So ,how to use a google home mini ?:

How to start it as a first time user

To start a google home mini you follow these steps :

  1. Find the power cable which comes with your google home mini and plug it into the device. It is recommended not to use a different power cable. Google home mini comes with its power cable .
  2. Take your google home mini which is now connected to the power cable and plug it into an electric plug .
  3. As soon as it is on, it will start giving you instructions to follow for you to set it up :

– Download the google home application and open it

-Once you are in the application, follow the steps to set up your voice recognition

-Follow the process on your phone or tablet, choose your preferences and more

4. At this point you will be all set to start talking with your google assistant on your google home mini.

You can call me by…

To get the attention of your google assistant call your google assistant by saying :

  • Hey google !
  • You can even say hey noodle !
  • Ok google !
  • Hey boo boo!
  • A goo goo !

Most things that sound like google when you pronounce them could work really.Give it a try,it is fun!

You can ask your google assistant whatever you want. It will tell you about it as long as you keep in your mind that your google home mini is not a person ,that is why there are some things your smart speaker won’t be able to help you with. Don’t ask your google home mini to scratch your back for example.It won’t help you with that.I tried that. It didn’t work.However it can do a lot of cool things .

Some things you can ask your google assistant

You can ask your google assistant a lot of things.Mostly ,people ask for informations that they need for their everyday life.You still don’t know what to ask ?The good news is you can even ask your google assistant “what can you do? “It will give you some ideas.Here are some things it can do :

  • It can give you local informations :

-You can ask your google assistant “what is the weather like today ?”

– You can ask what are the restaurants near where you live

-You can ask weither a boutique in your city is still open,as long as it is listed in google search as a boutique in your city.

-You can also ask for directions how to get where you wanna go.It has informations from google maps .

  • It assists you in planning and organizing your schedule:

-Ask to your google home mini how the traffic is. From one location to another

-Ask your google mini to remind you about things you have to do.Tell your google assistant “Hey google,remind me this or that on a given day”,it will.

-Ask your google home mini to wake you up at a time you want .

-You can also ask about flights, let’s say you want to know weither a flight is going to be on time or not. Just talk to your google assistant.

  • It can answer most general questions:

– Missed the end of a game ?ask your google assistant who won.

-You can ask quick calculations question like “Hey google,what is 500 plus 13.5%.” It does also unit conversion.Try it out,challenge it and see what it can do. It is really interesting.

– It has the ability to work as a dictionary in case you don’t know the meaning of a word .

-It can work as a translator as well

– You can ask finance question to your device like informations about global stocks and more.

-When you are setting up your smart speaker,connect it to your music applications like spotify,Pandora,deezer,TuneLn and more for you to play music instantly. If you don’t have these applications,don’t worry, you will still be able to listen to music from all over the world.It is your call,choose what you want.

-You can use your google home mini as a Bluetooth speaker as well.Just say hey google!Open Bluetooth pairing and then follow the instructions to pair it with your phone or tablet.

-You can also ask your google assistant to play podcasts.

-You can also ask your smart speaker to play news .

  • Be creative and enjoy your smart speaker:

-You can tell you google home mini pretty much whatever you like.Once I said,hey google,do you want to know the name of my daughter ?It replied,yes . I said the name and it kept it in the memory.Another day I asked,what is the name of my daughter ?It gave me the name.It is fun,isn’t it

– Ask about games you can play at home with friends and the rules

-You can even ask you google assistant “Hey google,tell me a joke “. I like to use this last one.It has plenty of jokes .

In case of troubles do this

The google home mini is really awesome.It can do a lot more.You talk to it,try something different,out of the box.Many of us like to ask common questions. How about asking something out of the box ?Try it,as long as it reasonable.Sometimes ,you could talk to your google home mini to ask something and it won’t work well. It could tell you something like “something went wrong “when you expected an answer to something. In this can it may be a sign you need to reset your google home mini. Here is how to reset you google home mini:

  • Find the reset button located below the power cord at the bottom of your speaker
  • Press and hold that button for at least 15 seconds ,you will hear google assistant asking you if you want to reset the device to factory settings or default.Just follow the instructions.
  • You can’t reset the device by just speaking to the google assistant or through the google home application.

You have a friend in me

Your google home mini is really like a mini friend.However ,don’t underestimate it as it knows most of the things you want to know,it is not mini in that case.Many people don’t know how to use a google home mini even after they have it for years in their house. So ,they just give it up and have it seat on the coffee table in the living room. Don’t let this wonderful gear get rusty from not being used ,take the suggestions I gave you above and give it another try.

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8 comments on “How to use a google home mini-A general idea


Is google going to use this to spy on me?


Thank you so much for your informative site and educating us. I, therefore, recommend this site to be read by all people who want to familiarize themselves with google and its usege.


Hello Jim, This article was very informative and to the point. I like this product now I have read this article. Where do you buy if from? It may be helpful to direct the reader. I like the way you gave the specifications of the product first for all those people who are technically minded. I also like how you explain some troubleshooting too. How sophisticated we have become. I think fonts are well chosen and but I will say that the italics headlines are harder to read for me. How much is this Product?


Hi Jennifer,

You can get one at any tech-store and it cost around 50 dollars .When i bought mine i paid only 40 as it was during christmas sales.

Thank you


Many people don’t know how to use a google home mini even after they have it for years in their house. – How so true. Mine has been sitting on the side (in the living room) quietly for over a year now.

I have bookmarked your page and will be referring to it in the future. It seems such a waste to not use this great technology.

We do have an Amazon echo in our garden bar that we use frequently. I notice you haven’t included the echo dot in your list. Is there any reason for this. In our opinion it’s a great little product like the google home mini.


Hi Lawrence,

The amazon echo dot is awesome as well ,however it operates differently from the google home mini .Google home mini has a richer audio ,the amazon echo dot is more for bass lovers and also google home mini doesn’t support amazon music and vise versa .Thanks Lawrence


Hi. Lots of good information given from first hand experience. Well done


Hi, This post is so informative. You discussed it in a fun way. I really enjoyed it. I am so inspired to buy and use it. Thank you for writing and sharing the great content. Keep up the great work!

I will use it and share with you how it goes.
Thank you so much.


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