A women using an Oxysmart


The Oxysmart review-Monitor your oxygen level the smart way

  The Oxysmart is a small wireless oximeter used to measure the oxygen level and check on the heart rate. The device is clipped to a finger and it start measuring automatically.The device connects to a phone or tablet using… Continue Reading…

Smart home


Smart home and privacy-15 Ways to secure your home

Living in a smart home is really enjoyable. Music is played just by voice command, the smart thermostat makes sure the temperature is nice in the house, the smart oven cooks without assistance, the smart camera captures everything and alerts… Continue Reading…

Ecobee 4


The Ecobee 4 review-Is it the thermostat from the future?

Product: The Ecobee 4 with built-in Alexa voice Type :Smart Thermostat Comes with : 1 free Sensor Works with : Google Assistant,Samsung smartthings ,Apple home kit and more   Product overview The Ecobee 4 is a smart thermostat by Ecobee… Continue Reading…


what is the Qardioarm?All details

The last time my blood pressure was measured,my doctor started by putting a rigid cuff on my upper arm. The doctor had an oscillatory device in the hand with a gage .The cuff on my upper arm was then inflated… Continue Reading…

ReviewsSmart scales

The qardiobase 2 smart scale review-Analyse your whole body

    Product :The Qardiobase 2 smart scale Dimensions : 37 x 37 x 3.7 cm Weight: 3.04 kg Connectivity: WiFi or Bluetooth Units  : lb or kg Measurement range:From 9 – 396 Lbs (5-180 Kg) “As an Amazon Associates… Continue Reading…


What is the Samsung SmartThings Hub ?The usage and the features

We probably have all seen,heard about or some of us even have smart devices we use in our homes. They are becoming more and more useful in this modern world in which we live . Some of us have bought… Continue Reading…

Amazon Fire Tv Stick with an Alexa Remote


The Amazon Fire TV Stick Review-Everything you need to know

Product: Amazon fire TV stick Compatibility: HDMI capable TV Weight of the Fire TV stick: 32g Dimensions of the Fire TV stick : 8.6×3×1.3 cm Memory : 8G Where to buy : www.Amazon.com Warranty : 1 year limited warranty and… Continue Reading…


what is an amazon fire tv stick?From settings to features

Have you ever seen a USB key or a USB flash drive in your life ?Well ,the amazon fire TV stick is a small streaming device which looks as a USB flash drive . Although these two look the same,they… Continue Reading…


What can amazon echo dot do ?The key features

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases”   I remember when I used to connect wires and wires just to be able to play music on a speaker. Those days are gone. Today as we speak there are… Continue Reading…


How to choose a smart TV- Best tips

Do you remember the old TVs which had an antenna on the top ?Sometimes you could lose the signal and had to move the antenna to search for the signal.Nowadays ,more and more people are getting rid of their old… Continue Reading…

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