Samsung smart Tv remote Lost or broken- Alternatives

How frustrating it can be

We all know how frustrating it can be when we can’t find the remote of our TVs. When it happens to me I look under the sofas,I check behind doors,I shake the whole house to try to find it. We all know that sometimes even after doing all the gymnastics to find the remote you can’t find it anywhere. The other thing that could happen is that you would have the remote there, but it won’t work for some reasons.

So, what do we do when this happens ?For a Samsung smart TV for example, There are three solution to this kind of situation:

  • If you have the remote with you, find out why it is not working and try to fix it
  • if the remote is lost and have a smart phone or tablet,download the Samsung smart TV remote app to use as a substitute of your TV remote
  • You don’t have any phone or tablet, use the TV control button located on the TV

You have the remote but it is not working

The other thing that could happen is that you could have the remote with you but it won’t work. When this happen, do this to troubleshoot the problem :

  • Check if the batteries are placed correctly
  • How long have you had the batteries, is it time to change them?
  • check the transmission window which is usually at the upper edge of your remote. If it is dirty or covered with dust clean it, wipe it. It looks like a window and sometimes you could see a light flashing in the transmission window.
  • Check the compartment where goes the batteries. Is the spring there ?Nothing is loose or broken ?

Usually, the causes of a malfunctioning remote are:

  • batteries that need to be replaced
  • an electronic problem in the remote itself
  • or the remote could just be defective

Here are a few things you can do to fix the remote in this case :

  • remove the batteries from the remote at the back
  • Long press any key on the remote for about 20 seconds and then release the key
  • Put back the batteries correctly and try again .

Sometimes it may be also the remote sensor on the TV. But if it is about the remote getting lost or disappearing there are other alternatives, you are not stuck. There are remote apps that you can use with your phone or tablet to command your TV just as the remote .

What about those remote apps

Yes, there a solution for us in case the remote is completely lost. The solution is the Samsung smart TV remote Apps that work as substitute for the remote that comes with your TV

You must be wondering how does this work ?Are the apps we are talking about going to be installed on the smart TV itself ?How does this work ?

The first thing we need to do this replacement is a smart phone or a tablet. You can do this with I phone, iPad or android phones and tablets .

Second, we need to have the phone or the tablet connected to the same WiFi as the Samsung smart TV .

The third thing is to find an application that work as a remote on the apple store or google play store and install them on your phone or tablet.

The applications to use

The apps we can use on the apple phone or tablet are not the sames as the apps for the android phone or tablet. Here are the Samsung smart TV remote apps I recommend :

For apple

  • My tifi remote
  • ControlMeister
  • Samremote
  • Smart remote

For android :

  • Smart view app( TV model from 2011-2017)
  • Smart things( TV model from 2016-2019)

Which application to choose

We all have different preferences.The most important thing here, would be that it works perfectly with your Smart TV. It is up to you which one to choose. Just don’t download application for apple to use them on android. It is not going to work as they are not compatible.Other than that it is your call.You may download one of the application and not like the way it works.In that case just change it and try another one until the one that’s suitable for you as you want it .

Why we need the remote or the substitute app

On one hand,when we lose our remote it can be annoying because the TV may not have on itself all the buttons to navigate easily through all the features. Here ,you may need find the TV control button on your TV .

On the other hand the nice thing we all like about having the remote is the fact that you won’t need to walk each time to your TV to use the TV control button since you can command it from a far .This can only be done with your remote or with the apps that you could install in your phone or tablet.

Where to find the TV control button

All the Samsung smart TV don’t have the same design. However ,most of the time if you are facing the TV screen the control button is on the right side corner at the bottom. It might be around the red light that’s shows that the TV is connected to power or in the sleep mode .

How to use the TV control button

  • If you want to turn the TV On or Off,you long press the middle /center of the control button.
  •  For menus and settings, a single press of the center of the button brings on the TV screen the menu from there you can also access the settings.
  • The control button key can also toggle up,down ,left and right in case you want to select somethings on the screen.
  • To select press the center of the button .
  • You can adjust volume
  •  You can also ccess smart hub

However ,the  TV control button on your TV don’t have all the function.Some features and settings can not be accessed by the remote .

What can I do now

Do you want to know what most people do now ?Especially ,if there are kids in the house, keep the remote out of their reach.It gets lost so easily when they play with it. We never know what could happen, right ?Even after taking the measures of hiding the remote and so on. But In case it gets lost,use your phone or your tablet to download apps on your play store if you use android or on apple store if you use an apple device.If not,find the control button key on your TV.

There is a solution for us

Most people when they loose the remote or have but it won’t work, they think they can’t use their Samsung TV anymore,unless they buy and brand new remote from Samsung.Yes we could do this .But that is not completely true as we have all these other alternatives including trying to fix the remote ,the control TV button and the Samsung smart TV remote apps.

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