Smart watches- From a caterpillar to a butterfly

I didn’t see this coming

When I was browsing the web the other day, my eyes got caught by nice gears for men that are around these days. Honestly, I didn’t think technology was going to be advancing on suck a fast pace like we all see today. If you don’t agree with me just swing by a Tech retailer store, you are going to be amazed of gears that are around today .  caterpillar

Watches are the focus today and honestly when I see what they can do nowadays, it is absolutely mind blowing. However, they came from far when you look at their evolution.There was a metamorphosis like from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

A little bit of history

In 15th century when the history of watches began explorers needed the time to better navigate at sea but the first clock that was invented needed to be hanged ,quietly,they couldn’t be used in a wavy environment. Therefore, it was not suitable for sea or pocket and was inaccurate

In 16Th Century the first portable clock was made by Peter Henlein with a spring mechanism. Back then,the shape of the watch was oval like an egg.People even used to call them” the nuremberg eggs”. Mechanics from Swiss one named Jacob Zech the other Gruet innovated the whole thing by building a mechanism that provided more reistance to the spring.

In 1762, watches were accurate enough for navigation.The accuracy was crucial because 1 minute wrong= 28 km deviation in tropics. This was definitely progress.Nevertheless, even after this the watch still needed improvements. It is more efficient to wear your watch on the wrist, isn’t it ?In the 19th century was when the wristwatch was invented.

Welcome to the future

Today in 2020,we not only have wristwatches but we also have smartwatches. Smart watch

I put together a small list of smart watches for men just to show you some amazing features they have. Here is the list:




  • Apple watch series 5
  • Samsung SM Galaxy watch active 2(44mm)
  • Huawei watch G2
  • Fossil Gen 5
  • Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth

who thought a watch could do this

5 to 10 years ago, watches could do things. Don’t you remember the watch could show you the date ( calendar) , the time and some of them were also water resistant.

Let’s now take a look at what these smart watches for men can do.


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Apple watch series 5

  • Has a new always-on Retina display
  • Shows the time all the time and your watch face
  • You can customize it anyway you like( You can choose the case and pair it with the band you like in the apple watch studio)
  • Choose the material you want on your watch from Aluminium ,stainless steel,Titanium even ceramic
  • It has plenty apps including ECG App which can get a quick read on your heart rate and check also your heart rhythm
  • Can tell you when you are in a too loud environment that can affect your hearing
  • It has advanced workout metrics,a GPS and it is water resistant up to 50 metres.
  • It motives you to move,do some exercise or just stand. This is actually super fun as you can make challenges with friends or collegues
  • you can listen to millions of songs,audio books and podcasts from apple library
  • Has a compass ,shows ground elevation. No matter what ,you are going to find your way or know where you are located
  • Easy access to the latest apps
  • Can make or receive calls and text messages
  • Easy access to Siri
  • and more

Samsung SM galaxy active 2 (44mm)

  • Choose any activity you want including exercise and it will monitor you
  • It evaluates your sleep patterns and suggest better habits
  • Can translate over 16 languages for you
  • Has Bluetooth V5.0

Huawei G2 watch( 46 mm and 42mm series)

  • amazing power saving up to 2 weeks
  • its face has a 3D glass for brezel-less vision
  • precise positioning systems to track your workout
  • monitors your heart rate with TruSeen
  • Has bluetooth calling(46mm series only)
  • Has in- device music
  • Monitors your sleep to suggest better habits with TruSleep app
  • helps your relax with TruRelax app
  • Monitors your pressure
  • comes in different editions to suit what you want

-Sport edition

-Classic edition

– Elegant edition

 Fossil Gen 5

  • Powered with wear OS by Google work with I phone and android phones
  • Compatible with Android OS 6.0+(GO edition included),IOS 10.0+.
  • Has bluetooth smart enabled
  • Has smart battery modes to extend battery life
  • Get charged faster (up to 80% in under an hour)
  • Uses google fit to track your heart rate and activities
  • has a GPS built in
  • Water resistant (Design 3Atm)
  • Google assistant,Google pay
  • Has a speaker used for music ,calls,notifications,alerts and google assistant
  • 8GB storage and 1G ram memory
  • Band can be interchanged with all fossil 22mm bands

Ticwatch Pro Bluetooth

  • Long battery life up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Has Wear OS by Google,AMOLED display
  • Google assistant
  • Thousands of applications
  • a variety of faces available on google playstore
  • Tracks your health and workout activities
  • has a GPS tracker ,a step counter
  • Shows how many calories burned
  • Has speed and cadence monitor
  • Google pay also compatible

The best is yet to come

I don’t know if you have noticed this like I have. The manufactures of these products are in a race of who is going to delivers the best of the best to consumers. I also feel like we are all part of this somehow since we are all some kind of judges to judge these products.I know we all don’t have the same taste and choices when it comes to choosing which one to buy among the gears that are around today but really it doesn’t matter. We still are going to be the judges somehow by telling our friends and colleagues about our choices. Tomorrow if you see a nice new products being released, don’t be surprised . I believe this race is never going to end and the best of the best is yet to come.

I don’t want to get lost in the past

Have you ever been left behind by a bus ? It happened to me a before and it was not funny for me. That day I was almost late at my appointment and my whole day almost got ruined. Technology is evolving rapidly and we could be left behind without knowing it.butterfly


The smart watches of men and their features I just showed you was just one of many examples of the big progress that has been going on and still is. Do you want to be left behind and not know all this? Not me and i hope it is the same for you.Why keep crawling when we can fly ?




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3 comments on “Smart watches- From a caterpillar to a butterfly

I think that smartwatches are great, but I haven’t made my move to purchase one yet. I’m an amateur watch collector. i own like b20 watches. My problem is that I use my iPhone 11 as my watch.

I have used my iPhones as my watch for over 10 years now. The watches I own are very good looking but I ju,st got used to looking at my phone for the time, date, calendar, weather, calling, texting Facebook and other social media.

For me the size of the watch face is a problem for me as my advancing age has made looking at a watch very difficult to see. My eyes are not as young as they used to be.

But I love technology. I actually thought about purchasing the Apple watch but the eyestrain it would do to me would make it virtually useless to me.

If I was 20 years younger, I would be the first in line to purchase a smartwatch. I absolutely love tech, but for me a smartphone makes more sense as I am able to enlarge the font. If I did that on a smartphone I would be reading one letter at a time.

Great article and thanks for sharing,



Thanks Courtney.I also understand your point .


Great article on smartwatches. I almost bought an Apple Watch but decided that I needed a new iPhone 11 instead.
As the technology advances for smartphones I am sure to purchase one sooner or later.
The only reason I haven’t purchased one yet is that the screen is so small. As my age advances my eyes are losing the sharpness they once had and reading small text is nearly impossible for me.
But I am waiting for that one watch I have to add to my collection.

Thanks for sharing,


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