The Amazon Echo studio review-Is it better than the Sonos One ?

Product : Amazon echo studio

Type : Smart speaker with Alexa and hub built-in

Product overview

The Amazon Echo studio

The amazon echo studio is a smart speaker by amazon which was released in November 2019. It is known for its good sound quality which is produced by 5 speakers built-in the echo studio for a deeper and rich sound experience. It also has the Alexa voice built-in to assist the user anytime.This speaker adapts to where it and matches the sound with the dimensions of the room it is in to give the user the best sound ever .

There are speculations that this is the best smart speaker ever.Is it ?

After reading the amazon echo studio review here,we may be able to answer this question or at least know where this speaker stands compared to the others out there .

Here are the points about the speaker that are going to be covered :

  • Sound quality
  • Built-in hub
  • The amazon echo studio VS Sonos One
  • Pros and Cons
  • Verdict

Sound quality

This speaker has 5 little speakers built-in.Its sound is adaptive and has the and incredible effect. It feels like sound is coming from every direction.It is so smooth to the ear and enjoyable. The little speakers build- in the echo studio are positioned inside differently and on purpose.For music,this speaker brings out the sound as how the artist in the studio wanted it to sound exactly.It brings out al the layers of the voice and the instrumental,it is amazing.Its sound is designed to make people stand up and dance .

Built-in hub

A smart home relies on a good flow of internet to function properly.That’s where the hub comes into play to help control all smart devices connected on the internet or through Bluetooth . The hub makes sure all the connected devices run smoothly and all the devices can be managed easily from one place using the hub. Smart devices in a home with no hub can only be commanded and controlled one by one which is time consuming and not efficient at all .

This smart speaker has the hub built-in.Smart devices in a home can all be controlled using this speaker.The user just have to connect with all the smart devices by asking Alexa to discover all the devices which can be connected together.This speaker takes care of the rest,it found the smart devices compatible with amazon voice assistance Alexa and also all the devices operating on zigbee 

The amazon echo studio vs sonos one

Unlike the echo studio,the sonos one system is built with two speakers.They are both designed to drive the sound and adapt based on where they are placed .

On one hand,the sonos one speaker is used through the sonos application,it connects to most music streaming service and it is wireless. The user can’t connect another device to it, using a wire. In addition to that,sonos one doesn’t connect to Bluetooth devices .

The amazon studio speaker on the other hand,can connect to other Bluetooth devices,it also has an input port to connect to other devices .

For me,I like to hear the bass in a song, vibrating in my chest. The echo studio has got an incomparable bass sound quality. The sonos has got a nice bass too but its focus is more on the clear voice sound side .

Pros and cons 

Here is what I like about the Echo studio (Pros) :

– The fact that it adapts to the dimensions of the room and based on where it is placed

-The hub built-in the speaker is actually cool, there is then no immediate need to buy a smart hub to control other devices in a smart home when this speaker is in the house .

-Its sound is not only good for music but for movie lovers as well . It has Dolby digital 5.1 and Dolby digital sound quality .

-It has a button which can be pressed to stop the speaker from listening to conversions. Most smart speakers listen to everything and record all conversations . This speaker is good for keeping privacy .

-The bass of this speaker is amazing !

The few things I don’t like about this speaker (cons) :

– Other than the sound qualities cited above,the device has more quality sound which are not available in some countries .

-Like all the smart devices,this speaker works better when there are no interference to the wireless connection . It needs a good connection ( WiFi or Bluetooth) .

-Even if it the voice sounds come out good, It is more bass and instrumental focused

-Its sound adapts better, when it is placed in the center of a room or just in the center of a house .

-For those who like to hear the sound of a speaker coming from one place,this speaker works with sound reflecting.Its sound comes from everywhere,it fills the whole space .


In closing,my opinion on the Alexa echo studio speaker is that it ranks pretty good compared to other speakers in its category and size . This speaker has one the best bass sound on the market,its bass is more powerful and clean.It definitely gives to the user more than the bulky old fashioned stereo systems which cost almost the same price, take too much room and use a lot of wiring.As we speak,the echo studio is being sold on Amazon for $259.99 Canadian dollars which is fair for the wonderful quality sound it delivers. Check it out on now !

“As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases ”

Thank you for reading my review and if you have a personal review of the product, a comment or just something in this review you don’t agree with,please leave me a comment in the designated area below and I will get back to you.

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The amazon Echo studio

$259.99 CAD





Bass sound quality


Voice sound quality


Built-in hub



  • Adaptive sound to room dimensions
  • Built-in hub
  • Movie sound mode
  • Privacy button
  • Deep and smooth bass sound


  • More quality sound but not available in all the countries
  • Requires a good wireless connection(Wifi or Bluetooth)
  • More bass focused than voice clarity
  • Need to be placed in the center
  • Its sound covers all other noises in a house

10 comments on “The Amazon Echo studio review-Is it better than the Sonos One ?

This speaker sounds worth the money. I am really impressed with the bass quality because this is hard to do with such a small speaker. Thank you for sharing. I am considering getting one.


You are welcome Catherine.The sound of this speaker is wonderful in general.Yes the bass is the best ,however the voice sound is also not bad .If you like bass ,this speaker is the right choice.Thank you catherine


I love that the Amazon Echo Studio has Dolby Digital 5.1, I’m a movie fanatic and love it when it sounds like I’m in a theatre. I especially appreciate the fact that you can shut off the spy. I know what to add to my wishlist. Thanks for a great review!


You are right Tracy ,the privacy button is really an awesome feature.I hope smart tech companies who build these devices will integrate this option more and more in their future devices


Thank you so much for this highly information article, Jim! As a current Amazon Echo user, I can fully attest that it is worlds better than Sonos. The sound is crisp and clear, the bass is second to none (I feel like I’m in a car with hydrolics while listening to it. Haha), I haven’t yet experienced any reception/signal issues, and I find that it’s more portable than the Sonos as well. Great article! I have saved your post and will share it with my friends and family. God bless you!


Very funny C.N,the connection issues can only occur when the wifi or bluetooth has interferences.For example , it is always recommended to place the Wifi router where it is not going to be blocked by walls and stuff .Thank you very much C.N


We have an Amazon echo and I just love it. The speaker sound quality is great with ours.
And she can hear me ask questions easily even from another room.
Thank you for sharing this review. I learned a few things about the one I’ve had for quite a while now.


Hi Teresa ,i am glad you like my post .Thank you very much


Thanks for your review. I personally like the button to stop the device from recording conversations. According to my experience, some smart device without this feature might be annoying sometimes. Let say maybe we are enjoying in a conversation, but this smart device detected some phrases to trigger its start up function, so this will be so annoying especially we are enjoying and focusing in our conversations. Thanks again.


Hi Gary ,

you are totally right,not having the privacy feature can be annoying .The other option when this feature is not there would be to unplug it completely and have it rest .The error we usually make is that we leave our devices plugged in 24/7 even when we are not using.

Thanks Gary


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