Amazon Fire Tv Stick with an Alexa Remote


The Amazon Fire TV Stick Review-Everything you need to know

Product: Amazon fire TV stick

Compatibility: HDMI capable TV

Weight of the Fire TV stick: 32g

Dimensions of the Fire TV stick : 8.6×3×1.3 cm

Memory : 8G

Where to buy :

Warranty : 1 year limited warranty and service included.

Optional 2 or 3 years  extend warranty for Canadian customers

The amazon fire TV stick -product overview

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The amazon fire TV stick is a small device which looks like a USB Flash Drive. It is designed to be plugged in the HDMI port on your TV and once plugged on your TV, you get access to a variety of channels , streaming services like YouTube,Netflix, games ,web browsing and more.

The amazon fire TV stick comes in a box which include a remote on which there is a microphone for the user to speak with Alexa amazon assistant ,it also comes with  a USB cable ,a power adapter,an HDMI extender, batteries for the remote and a quick starter guide to show the user how to set it up and how to use it properly .

The benefits of having an Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are a lot of benefits for having an Amazon Fire TV Stick  :

  • It is  cheaper than having cable subscription or buying a brand new TV  .
  • If you have a TV which doesn’t have a smart Hub,having this device gives you access to the smart Hub.It turns your TV into a smart TV
  • Access to thousands of channels,games ,live events,news ,popular movies,awards winner movies,Kids movies ,best documentaries and more

  •  Access millions of websites including Facebook ,Twitter and more  .

  • It doesn’t require a paiement for each month .buy it once and it is yours forever .
  • Access to many free channels. 
  • Option to subscribe to channels which require a subscription.
  • If the user has an amazon prime account they have access to amazon prime video streaming service and  Amazon music for free


  • Easy set up which takes about 5 minutes
  •  Loads content faster .
  • Command by speaking to the amazon voice assistant Alexa .
  • Stream content from other countries when traveling ,for example Netflix from another country.
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick remembers where you left things the last time it was used
  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick gives suggestions of content the user may like .
  • It is easy to move from one TV to another.
  • It is very practical ,it is wireless and it doesn’t take much room in a bag or pocket when traveling.


  • The user can type one key after another when searching  for something from the screen with the remote ,however , this can be fixed by downloading an App to use on a smartphone or a tablet or  by using Alexa voice assistant.
  • The amazon Fire TV main menu is kind of cluttered with a lot of options and suggestions .This can make it a little bit hard to use for some people .However ,a main menu with a lot options ,gives  the user  more control on the device .

Should i buy the amazon fire TV stick?

Based on the Amazon Fire TV Stick review I just did ,I would  recommend this product . It offers a lot more than it costs.

Please leave a comment  or a question I will be happy to discuss on the subject or help.

Thank you

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4 comments on “The Amazon Fire TV Stick Review-Everything you need to know

Thank you for the informative review! 🙏

I’ve heard more and more about these lately but never knew enough to buy one until I read your review.

Love that it comes with the Alexa remote 👏


Hi Sammi ,

I am glad you like my post and found informations you needed .Thank you



Hi. It’s interesting that you did a review on this product because I just had someone mention to me today that I should buy an Amazon fire TV stick and get rid of my cable. Now I know why he said it. You saved me some time by laying out everything I need to know about it here. Thanks for sharing! The one question I have is – do you need alexa for the Amazon fire TV to work?


Hi Justin,

The Alexa voice assitance is a feature on the remote .The remote can be used manually or through Alexa voice assistance ,it is up to the user.The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with that remote .However there is a possibilitynof downloading an app on your phone or tablet and your phone or tablet can work as the remote .Nicw question Justin .



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