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The best smart home products in 2020-Everybody loves them

We all agree that 2020 has been a busy year ?I mean with the disease,the rumors,the fears and the list goes on.Some businesses shot down and other businesses rose in this situation.Most of us spend the majority of time with families these days ,which is a good thing . I believe smart devices and home automation devices are getting more and more useful .

Smart devices are great at entertaining us and they also allow us to do things automatically from afar or by voice command. Corona virus can be spread when people touch same surfaces.Therefore,the voice command feature and the home automation is somehow helping to reduce the spread of the virus.Most people have at least a one smart device in their home.The smart home devices is expected to grow each year . In 2019,nearly 815 million devices were shipped around the world. That was only for last year,I believe this year the numbers are going to increase .

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room and see together what I believe to be the best smart home products in 2020:

The smart display with the best sound and video quality

Amazon Echo show 8

This Alexa smart display has an 8-inch screen and one of the smoothest sound on the market. It can entertain like no other.The device is suitable for watching movies,news , listening to the favorite radio station or podcast. Video calling,messaging ,you name it,this smart display can do it all.It connects to other smart devices in a home for easy monitoring and quick access.The user can monitor their smart outdoor/indoor camera with the device,control a smart thermostat or the smart lights in a home.The device can help organize the calendar, set reminders and help us keep up with our day to day schedules. With this device, we never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic,it can show the user were there is not traffic from one point to another.It has all the informations including the weather .

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My favorite smart hub


Google nest hub

This smart display has the google assistant built -in.When a question is asked to this device,it pulls up both the audio response and the display (Videos ,images ,etc) of the things that was asked.It has a 1024×600 resolution and a 7-inch screen. Its video quality is impeccable.Ask anything to this smart device, from recipes ,latest news,shopping by voice command.It is compatible with more than 5000 smart devices and over 400 brands .

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The coolest smart speaker

Amazon echo dot 3rd generation

With this smart speaker,stream and play your favorite music.It is compatible with amazon music,Apple music,Sirius XM, spotify ,deezer,etc . It sounds quality is not to be ignored.It can also be paired with other amazon echo dot for big stereo sound.The 2nd generation version of this device has a nice sound too. However ,for the 3rd generation echo dot,amazon decided to take the game to another level. Control your smart home devices with this device,the smart locks,the smart oven and more. Want to make a phone call ?This smart speaker got this and it does all it does while protecting the user’s privacy .

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The best smart WiFi

Google nest WiFi

This smart WiFi is really smart. It makes sure the internet is fast without the user knowing how. It updates automatically which is good for keeping privacy.Easiest WiFi to set up,it is set up through the google home application. It connects to devices with no problem.This router has also the pause feature which can be used anytime the user wants.Most of the time,this pause feature it is used to reduce the time kids spend on their tablet.It can cover,with a fast connection up to 2200 square feet with an option to increase the coverage area by adding more nest WiFi points (Up to 1600 square feet more ).

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The best smart locks

Schlage smart deadbolt

It is very easy to install,no need to worry about the handlers. This smart lock comes ready to do the job and it fits the majority of standard doors. Schalge deadbolt is smart,it can figure out a security break which could happen before it happens and it warns the user.One single touch can lock this deadbolt and can be also locked by talking to a smart speaker or a smartphone with the voice command feature enabled.It can be locked from anywhere even when away from home.

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August smart lock pro+Connect


It a smart lock which can be controlled by voice command,using Alexa, google assistant or siri.The user don’t even need to get rid of the keys and the lock they have on a door in order to have this one.August lock can be attached to another deadbolt.The installation process takes about 10 minutes.The keys of the existing deadbolt can still be used as usual,if the user wants. This lock can also be used without any keys. After someone goes through the door,it locks automatically and unlocks when someone is approaching to the door.It knows who is approaching using Bluetooth technology.It can be controlled and monitored from everywhere,locked or unlocked through the WiFi bridge,using a smartphone or a tablet.This smart lock tells the user when the door is securely locked and when it is not .

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The best energy efficient smart thermostat

Ecobee 4 thermostat

It is a thermostat designed to save the user’s money.This smart thermostat comes with one sensor.When the user is not home,this smart thermostat can know it and switch to saving power mode.Once the user gets home or when they are about to get home,ecobee makes the temperature comfortable for them according to their routine and which temperature the user like at a certain time.It can be controlled by voice command as it has Alexa amazon assistant built -in and a microphone.Aside the voice command feature,the user can control this thermostat from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet through the Ecobee 4 application.The application is available on Play store and Apple store

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The reliable smart plug

Teckin mini smart plug 

Smart plugs play a very important part in a smart home.They are responsible for automatically turn on and off electronics and devices which are plugged into them for power.With this smart plug,the user can control appliances like oven,Fridge ,lamps,etc just by voice command using a smart speaker or remotely on a smartphone or tablet.The free application for phones and tablets is called smart life and it is available on play store and apple store. This device compatible with Alexa,google assistant and more.It works with WiFi and it is very easy to connect and set up.

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The durable smart bulb

Teckin smart LED bulb E26


This smart bulb can be controlled using a phone or tablet.It can also be controlled using voice command.It is compatible with google voice assistant.It works with the smart the free phone and tablet application “smart life”. The user can customize the light as they want Through settings.This smart light bulb can turn on automatically at when it gets dark in the evening and off at sunrise. It can be controlled from anywhere,even when away from home.The user can choose from up to 16 million colors and shades of white. This is actually very cool,especially to match a party ambiance.It is very durable and designed to save energy,up to 60 % compared to a normal light bulb .

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The all weather smart security camera

Arlo pro 3 wire- free smart camera

It is a outdoor  smart security camera with color view. This camera shows a 160 degree field of view in 2k with HDR quality image on the user phone, tablet or PC . It is easily installed wire-free and it works with Alexa, google home assistant and apple home kit.It is designed to resist in all kind of weather (Rain,snow,etc ).It also has a security light feature which can be used to scare and expel uninvited guests.

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The HD video smart doorbell

Ring video door bell pro

This smart door bell works with the ring application. It gives the user the ability to see, speak with and hear the visitors at the door were it is installed. It is easily installed by connecting its wire to existing wires . It is one of the easiest door bell to install. Its set up is also very easy,it is done on phone or a tablet through the ring application . The videos and the speaking is also done on a phone or tablet.It can also be controlled through Alexa amazon voice assistant and the user can see all what they missed by rewinding the video recording up to 60 days prior.

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How to enjoy summer time to the full and safely

It is almost summer.It is more than ever the time to enjoy the sun and the weather before fall and winter knocks on the door.For that ,we need some free times and that were smart devices enter on the scene. They can help us not only free up some time here and there in a day, but also help us to stay safe during this corona pandemic by to reduce the spread. Why don’t you change your home into a smart home ?Like I always say,we all have to start somewhere when it comes to transforming a home into a smart home . You can’t afford all the devices at the same time ? You are not the first and the last.A friend of mine started with a smart speaker ,he then bought a smart security camera the following week and a smart display one month after that.Don’t wait any longer ,Get your device today !

Thank you for reading my article . I would like to know what are your thoughts about these products in the comments.So, take a few seconds and leave me a comment below.

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8 comments on “The best smart home products in 2020-Everybody loves them

Thank you so much for this highly informative article! It’s amazing to think about how sophisticated technology has become over the past 50 years. We went from rotary phones to smart TVs, smart watches, and robot technology (although all have their share of pros and cons). These devices definitely make our lives easier, and help us to stay in touch with the world around us, even if we can’t physically be in the same space. I have saved your article and will share it with my friends and family. God bless you!


I agree with you my friend.These devices add something good in our everyday lives.We need to use them to our advantage .Thank you


Thanks for introducing us so many smart home products. I personally like google nest hub the most. Nowadays, we need to search anything anytime on google by using a smartphone. However, google nest hub will be perfect and super convenient for is at home. Maybe we need recipes while cooking, fix something broken in our house or even any instant guides that we need, we can simply ask this device for help. Thanks for letting me know such a nice device.


No problem my friend.I am happy you found my post useful .I may do a review of each one of them in future post .I will let you know once i reach the Google Nest hub .Thank you

Benson Eghreriniovo

This is amazing and informative post. You make me feel old school but I have received massive useful information from your post than I ever have.
Thanks for sharing. I will check them out soon.


Hi Benson ,it is your choice now my friend .With the useful informations i gave you ,you are well equipped for choosing which one you like the most.However ,all these are great products and they are very easy to use and set up.Go for them buddy!


I think the amazon echo is my favorite. Its simple, light, and looks beautiful especially when lit up at night. Sounds also better than google.


Hi AJ ,i agree withyou .It is realy a wonderful smart display .I just amde a review of it actually .Check it out when you get a minute my friend .Thank you ,i am glad you like my post.


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