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The best smart scales in 2020

Really ,looking at a body weight smart scale , amazes me.A few years ago,measuring the body weight, meant standing on a massive scale with a needle and numbers.The user had to stand steady,bare feet, while looking down to see on which number the needle is going to stop .

Body weight Smart scales today are way more interesting to use and they can do a lot more compared to old scales.Smart scales come with such nice features ,they can show the user their full body composition .

The competition among manufacturers of these smart scales, is tough.

Nevertheless,there are a couple smart scales which could never go unnoticed this year.The best smart scales in 2020 include Bluetooth scales ,WiFi scales and scales which use both.

Bluetooth VS. WiFi smart scales

Smart scales use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to a phone or a tablet.This allows the user to access their data in the easiest way possible .

Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to have the data they measure,sent to the phone or tablet application,where they are detailed deeply and tracked.Bluetooth connection works in a certain range,when the user goes out of the range,the connection is lost or the data transfer can even fail if there is interference.When the user is out of range, some scales will save the measurements data and only sync them when the user gets back in the Bluetooth range .

WiFi scales usually cost more that the Bluetooth ones,their connection is stronger and they have a wider range than the Bluetooth ones .

Why buy a smart scale ?

Digital regular scales works fine too but smart ones, but smart scales allow the user a lot more :

  • Do more with less efforts
  • Set weight loss goals
  • Track their progress easily
  • Record data and share them with friends and family in an easy way
  • Pregnancy mode
  • Etc

There are very nice smart scales on the market, we just need to know which one to choose because even if they all look similar,they have differences,in features and capacity and more.Here are the five best smart scales :

Withings/Nokia body Cardio

The best smart scales in 2020-A picture of one scale

Most smart devices are being designed to be controlled by voice control,it is also the case for this scale.Voice control is definitely the future,this scale works with an application called Nokia, the user can voice command the application using Alexa .The application has all the data which are recorded from the scale,in an easy form to read and understand. This scale checks the full body composition,gives to the user the important data which are related to the health situation, even the heart rate,when the user it standing on this scale .

The accuracy of this scale is incredible,it uses the position control technology which help the user to get centered as much as possible for the scale to give the most accurate results .

It is not good when a weighing scale can only be used by one person in a family,because it doesn’t have the multi-users feature. I understand that some people like to keep their personal belongs and not share them but if all this is due to a lack of features on the device,then the scale has got a problem.The Nokia scale has the muti-user feature and can be used by up to eight persons separately .

This scale didn’t forget future mothers,it has a pregnancy mode which tracks everything from the weight of the baby,the weight of the expecting mother and all the different changes in the body composition during pregnancy.Everything can be followed on the Nokia application,shared using a phone or a tablet, through WiFi or Bluetooth .

It is sad that some devices don’t keep the power for long after they are charged.Once this scale is charged, the battery can last up to 18 months.

As an amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases , if someone buys using a link on this page and it does not affect the pricing  of the product at all .

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Qardiobase 2

The best smart scales in 2020-A picture of the Qardiobase 2

Like it was said when i reviewed this smart scale ,it is  absolutely  an awesome scale and there is a lot of things I like about it.One thing I like is the fact that it has a free application for phones and tablets. This scale can be connected to a phone or tablet through WiFi or Bluetooth.It is very easy to set up.There is no need to worry about were to place it because it can be placed on any surface even on a carpet and still work fine.The other thing I like about this scale is that it measures the full body composition and also tracks every little detail in case there is any change.It tracks everything including bones, the muscles,water ,body fat and more .

The user does not need batteries to use this scale,it stocks a lot of power when charging and can last up to 12 months before charging again .

For women who are expecting, they can track all the changes in the body through each trimester.This scale has a pregnancy mode which tracks,records and organizes all the details for the user on the application. The pregnancy mode is better for women who are expecting more than the full body composition mode

There are other smart scales with applications but which doesn’t syncs with other Fitness applications. The free Qardio application, which can be found on App store(Ios) or Play store (Android)syncs easily with other fitness application. 

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Syncs Bluetooth smart scale

The best smart scales in 2020-A picture of Syncs smart scale


Syncs is definitely not to be left behind with its capacity to measure up to fifteen body composition index . It is one of the most accurate scale on the market.To up the game,it uses bio impedance analysis(BIA) and indium tin oxide (ITO) for its measurements and checks also the heart of the user .

As the name says,this scale’s phones and tablet application ,syncs with popular and most used fitness applications which include Samsung health,Fitbit Application,Apple health and Google fit. Nothing is more frustrating like having to use multiple applications, one after the other, trying to track data.When they are all together and synchronized in one application it is better and easier. Some scales are a little bit wobbly when someone steps on them,this scale differentiate itself also on this point,it is one of the most stable scales .

Its design is remarkable,the base has a solid metal at the bottom and it is thin,the user can use it on any surface . It is also one of those which don’t need batteries,only a USB charger to charge it maybe once or twice a year as the battery can last up to a year, after a single charge.


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Fittrack Dara

The best smart scales in 2020-A picture of the Fittrack scale


Most people don’t reach their weight loss goals, because they don’t measure their data with the right scale. Some lose weight but end up regaining it back because it is very hard to track the all the body composition index,to see where the changes are occurring from,for this we need an accurate with the right features.This scale is recognized by other scales builder in its category, for its accuracy .

Fittrack can measure and track up to seventeen body composition index . These seventeen body composition index are the key which indicate the global health situation of a person,it measures the most important things in the body composition.

Some scales on the market will boast for having this and that feature which they actually don’t have.This scale is different, it delivers what it promises and I like this about it.Fittrack is made for the athletes,the muscular person or just the not too athletic person . It is for everybody and the good news about this is that the user don’t have to manually switch to different modes each time they use it,the user can set it up to adjust automatically to different body types .

A body weighing scale should have a phone or tablet application, otherwise the user can’t have their data with them whenever they want,in case they want to take new strategies to reach their weight loss goals.No one wants to carry a weighting scale around in a bag,to check out their data anytime they need them,a phone or a tablet which the fittrack application is easier to have anytime anywhere.Having the data on the phone makes everything so easy and the data on the phone or tablet application can be shared with family and friends in just a few clicks.

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Eufy P1

The best smart scales in 2020-A picture of the Eufy P1

Accuracy has a big place in weighing scales. When the scale is not accurate,the measurement results can sabotage everything,especially weight loss goals.P1 smart scale,has four super sensitive sensors which improve the accuracy for at least ten percent .

Sometimes smart devices user have their data exposed.The data are exposed when the user allows an application they are using to share their data with third parties. P1 smart scale is very serious on this point,the Eufyhome application for phones and tablet has all the data encrypted, secured to the maximum .

In just seconds,the P1 smart scale gives the user measurements of fourteen body composition index. This scale measures the body mass,lean body mass,bone mass, it checks the protein,the muscle,the body age and more.One of the things in particular, that this scale measures,is the visceral fat which can indicate other things as insulin resistance in the body and also the cholesterol level.

See it on Amazon

Are smart scales accurate ?

Most smart scale measures the body composition index using bio electrical impedance analysis.This method allows to measures the body fat and muscle mass.A weak electric current is sent to the body from the scale,flows through the whole body before going back to the scale.The resistance of the body against the current flow, is calculated and used to find out all the other body index .

It is understandable that it is whole process which require the user to set up the scale as the manufacturer recommends in the user guide.If one measurement is wrong,it means all the other measurements will be wrong too .

The body weight is less likely to be wrong but the other more complex body index should all be taken with caution.Smart scales measurement data should not replace the measurement data from a clinic given by a doctor for example.

Thank you for reading my article ,please leave me a comment below if there is any question ,i will get back to you .

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25 comments on “The best smart scales in 2020

Nice stuff Jim.

I think I like better the bluetooth one. Just because I like to be safe in case of electricity shortages or internet probleme, I will still be able to use it. That being said, all the options you presented are excellent.

Good job!


Thanks Ray, i agree with you on this point .Bluetooth also has its advantages and disadvantages same for the WiFi one .


The best smart scales is a very interesting product, I stopped buying scales I got tired of them not lasting and most of them were not even accurate. I never knew smart scales existed until now, so I learned something new from visiting your website



Yes Jeff ,smart scales are better than the old body weighing scales in my opinion and this for a lot of reasons .The price is not bad too ,compared to all they can do

Lemuel Sacop

I’ve been open with the idea of adding a smart scale to my home automation until this pandemic. Now your article made me remember that idea again.

I really like the Nokia one since it can be voice controlled, just wondering if Google Home can be used instead of Alexa.

I really like how you presented this article and outlined the numerous products and their full features. Interesting, smart scales uses bio electrical impedance analysis to measure the body composition index and thus weight.


Hi Lemuel ,i am glad you like my article .Thank you very much


We just have a regular scale at home…been looking to purchase a smart scale. Love your review of all the products. I’m going to share with my husband and see which one would be a smart buy for us.


Hi Dana ,that is awesome ,share it and let me know if you have any question about the scales.Thank you


Oh my ,was that ever interesting you know I used to work in pharmaceuticals we use the old Toledo scales you mentioned . With the swing arm that has the look of a clock . Oh yes you had to make sure all of your product was very still especially ,for weighing people with their heart pumping like that people they can’t stand still their hearts pumping ,hands are moving they won’t quit talking. I think your site is very well done good job my friend you must of went to Wealthy Affiliate because it’s very well put together..


Thank you Holly , i am glad you like my website .That’s very kind ,all the best


Thank you Holly , i am glad you like my website .That’s very kind ,all the best to you too , and don’t forget to visit the website us sometimes,there will be more new and fresh reviews and articles


I never realized how high-tech scales could be! Honestly, I would be good with a scale that just weighs me. Regardless, there are benefits to a Bluetooth and wifi scale if you have certain goals in mind. The one that caught my eye the most was the Eufy P1. Thanks for the rundown on these scales!


Well, I’m sold. I and my wife have been talking about getting a new one, and this is a PERFECT fit for us. I will for sure get one on payday now. What’s your favorite thing about it?


Hi Alex ,go for it buddy! honestly i like all of them and for many reasons.I listed a couple of reasons in each section of the post ,these five are all great .It is really up to you to choose which one from here.Let me know if you need more help Alex i will do my best

Kenny Lee

Probably could get one of those soon. The rate my weight is shooting up is crazy, particularly when I’m sending more time in front of the computer. I like how the scale has some intelligence built-in, particularly in breaking the number into bone mass and such. Definitely better than the conventional one that I’m using.


You are right Kenny .These smart scales are amazing.Let me know when you get your scale, if you need any help ,i will do my best to help you out


This perfect article. I am just searching for new scale and you offered some great options and I am grateful for that. It seems that the market of scales has pretty much changed, and in a good way I have to say. I still remember the scales with the needle, crazy one 😉 I will definitely have a deeper look at the examples you shared here. I love that many of them have the tracking system, where you can track your weight and according to those data you can choose your diet. Thank you. Cheers.


No worries Julius ,anytime .I am glad you like my article


Oh my smart scale seems really smart with all those measurements it takes. I am really amazed and am considering acquiring one for home.
I have one question though, can it affect a person who wears a pacemaker due to the small current involved?
Thank you for good work.


Hey Glen ,these scales are really great .Get one and try it out ,i can tell you that you won’t be disappointed


I had no idea smart scales could measure all the things they can. I’m going to purchase one. I am actually more interested in tracking my body fat % than my weight. I can test it to be sure it is accurate.


Hey Glen ,these scales are really great .Get one and try it out ,i can tell you that you won’t be disappointed


The bathroom scales in our house are about a million years old – the dial on it needs resetting every time you stand on it, and I do truly mean every single time. I don’t use it much so I’m not really looking for a replacement, but this is an insightful post which I enjoyed reading a fair bit.


Good to hear that Simon ,thank you very much


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