The echo show 8 review-All you need to know

  • Product:Amazon echo show 8

Type: Smart display

Product overview

It is a smart display by Amazon with an 8 inch touch screen.It is also known for it video and sound quality.This smart device has the Alexa voice built-in.When the user asks for something both the visual and audio comes up to give the user a better and richer search results experience on the web.

However,even if this smart display has a very good reputation and is among the best smart home productsthe best smart home products on the market today ,it also has somethings I considered as flaws. For that reason ,I decided to do a review of the product.Here is the echo show 8 review in which we are going to see the main features of the device the pros and also the cons of this smart display .

The echo show 8 best features

It can do a lot of things.The best way to know what a device is really capable of is to use it . More and more skills are being added in the amazon skills list.What I am going to do here, is to give you an idea on what can be done with this device :

  • Managing schedules,reminders ,I mean organizing a day in the easiest way possible. The user can choose to command from afar by voice command or use the screen and get things done.Scheduling meeting and setting up reminders with this device is a no brainer .
  • The device can be used for video calls, messages . With its high definition screen , video calls are too realistic. It almost looks like a real life face to face meeting.
  • The voice command is amazing,the user can tell this smart display to play Music videos,Movies ,news,podcasts and more without even touching the screen.Just the voice gets it all done .
  • It has never been so easy to control and manage other smart devices in a home like it is now with this smart display.The user can command or manage all the smart devices in their home by just commanding from afar. Smart security camera can also be assessed with all the video coverage using this device. Smart thermostats, smart lighting system and more can all be controlled so easily .


I find this device really elegant and innovative. It doesn’t have a good reputation for nothing.Here are more things which makes this smart display one of its kind :

  • It has an amazing sound and video quality.
  • The screen size is a definitely a plus compared to the Echo show 5.
  • Good for protecting privacy.It has a button to shut off the selfie camera used for video calls.
  • It is very easy to set up .
  • Its price is a match ,compared other echo show smart display devices.They are on sale right now on Amazon and Best buy,they are starting at $99.99 .

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There are somethings that I don’t like about the devices and I wanted to also share them with you all.Nothing is perfect here on earth,there is always somethings, a flaw somewhere. So,here are the things I like less about the echo show 8 :

  • I don’t like how it vibrates when music is being played too loud
  • The clock and weather display on the screen could be better
  • There are recommendations to try using Alexa skills which keep popping up on the screen and they can be annoying for some people
  • For the weather,it would be better if it could show more than 7 hours of forecast
  • The internet browsing experience on this device also could be better .

Final verdict

This device is really nice if someone doesn’t want to pay a lot of money to buy the 10 inch screen version. This smart display and the 10-inch one, they have the same video resolution.The only thing which would stop someone to buy the echo show 8 is mostly the clock display design. Most people like to have an easy- to- read clock on the side of their bed with big numbers and characters showing on the screen.This device has that also,even if the characters are not too big.This is the only thing which is stopping me for giving this device 5 stars. Other than this ,I recommend this device,it does a lot more than what was said here.Let’s also don’t forget that Amazon is constantly working on how to improve its devices with new applications and more Alexa skills to correct the flaws and give the user a better experience .

Thank you for reading my review ,I hope you liked it .Do you have  a comment or any personal review you want to share with me regarding this device?Please ,lleave a comment  below in the designated spot and I will get back to you.Take care,until next time !

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Amazon echo show 8






Sound quality


Video quality


Clock and weather display



  • Good privacy protection
  • Easy set up
  • Good price
  • Good design
  • Nice quality sound


  • Vibration when playing music
  • Poor internet browser design
  • Too many recommendations on the screen
  • Short weather forecast prediction
  • Internet browser design lacking

8 comments on “The echo show 8 review-All you need to know


A very interesting product. It really is amazing how fast new little gadgets come out that can help us online and in our daily lives.

Thanks for sharing.


Hi John ,you are right .Things are changing day by day .before we know ,smart devices are going to be everywhere .I am glad you like my post John ,Thank you


Amazon certainly have been expanding their products. I have an echo dot and it works great. this product sound like it can do more. Nice review.


Hi Brian ,it can definitely do a lot more with the 8-inch touch screen (video calling,movies ,etc).It also has an awesome image quality.I am glad you like my post my friend


I have an echo and I really love it! I mainly use it for video calls with my mom but she is wonderful for other things. I like to play classical music as I blog sometimes or have her help me with vocab words hehe. She just does so much it is amazing! I am epileptic and my memory isn’t very good so she has been a lot of help. But I agree the clock display could be better and I wish the weather showed more, I really can’t complain about much because when I want to I just hold down the mute button to turn her off if I get tired lol. Thanks for the post!


Hi Melissa,you are totally right .I am happy for you that the device has helped you .Thanks also for reading my post ,I wish you to get well in all your endeavor


Excellent review on echo show 8. I’ve learnt lots about it. I have an echo dot which works great.

Thanks for updating on latest gadgets.

Best wishes


You are welcome Habib .I am happy you like my review


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