Ecobee 4


The Ecobee 4 review-Is it the thermostat from the future?

Ecobee 4

Product: The Ecobee 4 with built-in Alexa voice

Type :Smart Thermostat

Comes with : 1 free Sensor

Works with : Google Assistant,Samsung smartthings ,Apple home kit and more


Product overview

The Ecobee 4 is a smart thermostat by Ecobee company.It connects to the WiFi and has a built -in Alexa voice. This thermostats can be controlled not only through its touch screen or by speaking but also through a smartphone or tablet when the user is away from home or at a distance where a voice can’t reach .

In the Ecobee 4 review here,I will talk about the benefits of using this smart thermostat and also about the pros and cons. So, let’s jump right in !

The benefits of using the Ecobee 4

The Ecobee 4 has really taken the thermostat world to the next level.It can’t to compared to old thermostat models. It does so many cool things,which include:

  • Maintaining an optimal temperature in a home

The thermostat comes with one free sensor which can be put in the hallway.The sensor detects both temperature and occupancy.when there is movement around it, the temperature is set to the user’s preference in that area where it is. The user can buy more sensors ,for more control over the cold and hot spot.Sensors can be put in the rooms that are occupied very often and the temperature will be balanced in the whole home for optimal comfort. Using one sensor,in the center of the home,also works fine .

  • Saving energy and money

It is designed to save energy where possible. It knows the weather outside and it also knows when someone is home.When there is nobody at home it cuts down on the energy usage by reducing the heater or the air conditioner .It also uses the geofence feature to track the user’s mobile phone to set the temperature to their preference by the time they get home.It is designed to reduce energy where possible and maximize comfort. In average,It can help save up to 23% of the energy per year and shows also to the user how much energy and money there as saving per month.

  • It has very helpful reminders and alerts

This smart thermostat has a feature for setting up reminders and alerts based on the user’s preferences. Compared to other so called smart thermostats, this one supports many heating,ventilation and air conditioning configurations(HVAC). Reminders can be set to remind the user to change a filter per example which most people sometimes  forget to do.It does this on a preferred frequency.This WiFi thermostat will also know from the information on the web, how often the heating,ventilation and air conditioner system needs to be serviced or maintained and remind the user by a notification just in case .


  • It has the Alexa voice built -in
  • It easy to install
  • First use guide in the menu
  • when the user travel, they can control and monitor their thermostat from anywhere in the world
  • It can be used to control other smart devices in your smart home just as an amazon speaker


  • Doesn’t pair with Bluetooth speakers
  • Doesn’t work in sync with other amazon speakers in a home
  • The microphone is not the best quality
  • The saving mechanism works the best when there is nobody at home
  • Doesn’t have a power back up as the nest thermostat,however it comes with a power extender kit (PEK)

Make your home a smart home today !

When someone hears about smart homes,they usually think about something from the future.They imagine a smart home like a big deal like a complicated process.

In fact,it is easy to transform a home in a smart home.It is done by buying smart devices to use at home, one by one.This gives also time to learn how to use them properly before getting another compatible and complementary device .


Start with a smart thermostat today ! The Ecobee 4 smart thermostats can be bought by clicking Here .

(As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals on the Ecobee 4  .When someone uses a link on this page  to make a purchase i may get a  small commission from the purchase)


That is it for now,thank you for reading my review. If you have a comment, a question or a personal review about the product,leave a comment below.I will be more that happy to discuss about this .

Bye, till next time.



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Ecobee 4


Sound quality




Energy saving


Integration with other smart devices


Power back up



  • Has Alexa voice built-in
  • Easy to install
  • First use guide menu easy to access and follow
  • Control of the device away from home
  • Can be used to control other smart devices


  • Bluetooth incompatibility
  • Works as an independant speaker
  • Sound is not the best
  • Energy Saving works better when nobody home
  • No power back up

12 comments on “The Ecobee 4 review-Is it the thermostat from the future?

Thank you for summarizing the pros and Cons. It helped me a lot in my decision-making process. I will give it a try, saving energy and money sounds like a deal for me! Plus I’m a big fan of Alexa


I agree with you Nicole,this thermostat is awesome ,especially when it comes to saving energy and money.I am glad this review helped you and thank you very much


Woah, this looks very cool. I might pick one up. Thank you for reviewing this product.


Hi stephen ,all i can say is go for it . This product is a good deal.Thank you


The smart home concept has always been of great interest to me, I am just a little slow getting started. This device sounds awesome. I love the fact that you can use it to control other devices in your home as well as its easy to get it started. I have always had a problem keeping my home at the right temperature. This will definitely be a winner especially if it also let’s me know what the current temp is while I am on the road. Thanks so much for sharing.


Hi Chris ,the easiest way to start your smart home is to start.Start buying the devices,one by one .You dont have to buy all the devices at the same time.After some time you will turn around and found yourself living in a smart home .How about that?Thank you


Wow great review. I have been looking for a smart thermostat for some time now, my one is just the one that was fitted with the boiler. I am wondering whether this one would work for us though as there is usually someone home most of the time (in and out). I am looking for a real money saving from my energy bills. I like that it knows the weather outside, as quite often my heating starts blaring out when it is boiling outside. You have given my lots to look at and research and I will take a look at this model.


Hi Sara ,unlike the other models ,the Ecobee 4 is compatible with a bunch of HVAC systems ,i am.not sure which model you have as boiler but i am sure i confident it is compatible with your model.One thingbia sure,you will save a lot with this thermostat as it is designed for that .


Hi – My neighbor has this, in fact he had a Honeywell programmable thermostat for years but decided to switch to the ecobee because of following reasons: First because programming is so simple. Second, the portable sensors. Third, remote access. Fourth, automatic usage tracking. Finally controlling it with Amazon’s Echo devices is the icing on the cake.


You are right Satz.The Alexa voice in the thermostat is a game changer .I believe more and more devices are going to have voice control in the years to come.


Great article good use of words and the way it is written in general it kept me interested throughout and wanting to read more!
Very good, 🙂


Hi Jason ,i am glad you like my post .I have more articles about smart devices ,check them out.Thank you


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