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The Fitbit Aria 2 review

Presently ,as we speak, body weight scale have become the new normal. It is rare to find someone who still buys old model of body weight scales, the ones with the needle and big numbers. There are a lot of new gadgets, new smart devices,  they are being  released each year . Honestly, after trying one of the new smart scales per example, it would be very hard for anybody, to even consider buying the ancient body weight scales anymore.

The Fitbit aria 2 review here, we are going to take a close look at the aria 2 smart scale by Fitbit Inc.

The fitbit aria 2 review-An image of the Aria 2

In fact ,this bathroom comes in black or white , It weighs 5.69 pounds (Almost 2.3 Kg),has a length of 40 millimeters(mm),a width of 360 mm and is 355 mm high. It is neither too big and nor too small at the same time, and this is a good quality, since some scales are sometimes too small or too big.

It is one of my preferred body weight scale for many reasons.

Here are a few things we are going to see about this scale, which should help someone to have a precise idea of the Aria 2 and  help to decide whether buy this scale or not:

We are going to see what this scale can measure, how it works, why should someone buy it, its flaws that I don’t like and finally where to buy this scale if interested .

Before waiting any longer, if you meet me in the street and ask me “would you recommend this scale to someone ?”Without hesitating, my answer would be “Yes”.

This scale is really great, in comparison to other smart scales on the market within the same price range and yet lacking a lot of features. So, let’s get straight to it !

What does this scale measure ?

There are main body composition metrics, which can give to a person, an idea of their global health picture. Unfortunately, all the smart scales don’t have the same features and capacities. In fact, if a smart scale can measure at least the body fat percentage and the body mass index it is really not bad. Body fat percentage is very important for a person who is trying to lose weight. It is the ratio of fat mass and lean tissue. Furthermore, a high body fat percentage is closely related to obesity and heart diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and to hypertension of blood .

The body mass index(BMI) is the other important measurement, a smart body weight should have. It is the ratio of the body weight and the height of a person. Have you ever seen a person who doesn’t weigh a lot, but because they are not tall enough to balance their weight, they are considered overweight ?Body mass index shows the user, the right balance and where they are located from the scale of low to normal and from high BMI to critical level .

In addition to these two major body composition, aria 2 can also measure of course the principal one from which all the other measurements come from, AKA the body weight. It also measures the lean mass, which is basically the mass which oppose obesity. When a person has a high lean mass, it means there are decreasing the accumulation of fat .

How does this body fat scale work ?

There is no more need to use the outmoded and massive body weight scale to check out only about the body weight. How ?Well , when someone steps on the Aria 2 smart scale with their two feet, a weak and harmless electric current is sent into the body through one foot, it travels into the body and comes back to the scale though the other foot.As the current pass through the body it encounters resistance from the body.The resistance from the body,measured in voltage is used to determine all the different body composition metrics.

Why buy this scale ?

One of the things which make this scale stand out from the cloud, is the WiFi connectivity feature.There are many smart scales in the same category as the Arai 2, which only use Bluetooth technology to connect to the user’s phone or tablet.So,the WiFi feature is definitely a plus for this bathroom scale .

The other good point about this scale, is the fact that the user doesn’t need to memorize the measured data and track them manually .

The fitbit aria 2 -An image of  some maths problem

This body weight scale tracks the weight,the body fat percentage,the body mass index,the lean mass and automatically syncs the measurement data from the scale to the user’s phone or tablet through WiFi or Bluetooth .

Fitbit devices work with a free application for phones and tablets.Using the application, allows the user to send back and forth measurement data with fitbit.In addition,it allows the user to connect with other fitbit users.Fitbit community members can motivate each other ,challenge each other and more,while tracking and achieving their fitness goals together as a family .

Another quality about this scale is that is designed to be shared.It can be used by up to eight people in a household separately.They each just have to open a fitbit account via the application. Setting up the fitbit application is easy and straightforward. The user is basically asked to provide their height,their gender,their age,name ,just some basic personal information .

Furthermore, using this scale allows the user to create a food plan. Once the user log in their meal,the application has a calorie coaching feature which shows the user the calories in and out.The user can track their progress through simple graphs and charts.It gives to a person their general picture of their health.Last but not least,this scale’s application has a reward feature,which motivates users.It allows users to earn achievement badges once they reach a goal and they can also share the details with others members of the fitbit community.More than 60 percent of Aria 2 user’s, saw big results in the first 6 months .

the fitbit aria 2 review-An image of person who lost weight

What are the imperfections of this WiFi scale ?

Although this scale is one of the greatest and has some of the best features,it is not flawless.In fact,nothing here on earth is flawless,even us humans,we are had our good qualities and flaws.Nobody and nothing is excepted !

It is good that is scale measures the weight,the body fat percentage,the BMI and lean mass.However ,it should be able to measure other body weight index like visceral fat,the subcutaneous fat,bone mass, skeletal muscle and many other ones. Yes ,body fat percentage and BMI are some of the most important but it looks that this scale lacks on this point since cheaper bathrooms scale like the Renpho or Fittrack can measure more body composition index .

In addition,some smart scales come with a pregnancy mode feature. Aria 2 doesn’t have that and it is also not safe to use for someone who has metal medical devices in the body, because of how it works by bio electrical impedance.

Besides I wish that this scale was able to work independently without the application. This scale can only display the weight on its screen,all the other body composition details, graphs,charts and all the other features can only be accessed thought the phone and tablet application.The user can also use a computer to connect to the fitbit application.

Where to buy this body weight scale ?

The price of the Aria 2 is around 150 Canadian dollars but it may vary due to sales and other factors. Check it out here:

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The fitbit aria 2 review-An image of a person holding money


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The Fitbit Aria 2






Phone Application







  • Wifi connectivity
  • Good data tracking system
  • Fitbit community membership
  • Device shareability
  • Earn reward program


  • No pregnancy mode
  • No visceral fat feature
  • No subcutaneous fat feature
  • The use of 4C batteries
  • No position control technology

16 comments on “The Fitbit Aria 2 review

Femi Asaolu

Great piece on the pros and cons of Aria 2. I actually thought Aria 2 is a Fitbit exercise tracker as opposed to a bathroom weight scale. (My old Fitbit tracker got faulty recently so while I was looking to replace it I have become aware of Fitbit’s relatively new releases.)

I don’t need a new scale right now but I will definitely be recommending to friends who might want a new scale.



Hi Femi ,thank you for reading my review and do hesitate to share it with your friends of course .Let me know if there is any question regarding scales i will help you out .Thank you very much Femi


Thank you for this highly informative review on the fitbit aria 2 review. Looking at the pros and cons of it, there is like 50/50 difference. But I guess it depends what specification you are looking for. I personally wanted the pregnancy mode which is not present with this fitbit aria.

Thank for educating us all on this though.


You are welcome habib ,i am glad you like my review .Thanks to you


Thanks for the wonderful review. It is exactly what I was looking for today.


You are welcome mike .Let me know if you have any question ,once you buy your scale .I will do my best to help you out


Thank you so much for your informational and educational site.


You are welcome Johane ,visit it anytime .Thanks for the compliments

Gorjan Spirkoski

This scale is out of this world, and I love it with all my heart. I’ve used many different scales in the past, but this one is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest to set up. (my first one broke, and that’s why I’m buying a second one)

It has one of the clearest displays I have seen, and it’s very easy to track your body fat/muscle ration alongside your weight. By far the best scales I’ve seen, and I highly recommend it to anyone!


Thanks Corjan for your support ,and i totally agree with you .This scale is really good


It is a great device, having built-in technology to monitor the BMI. This measurement is vital because it indirectly shows how healthy are you and then track the trend.
Linking to WiFi offers opportunity to join Members within the family or community. It offers motivation.
I have a scale just telling me how many lbs do I weigh and I paid 10/15 bucks, I don’t remember the exact numbers.
I am curious to know is there a manufacturer warranty and return policy?
I would keep it in my mind if I need a machine like this at some point.


Hi Anusuya,yes this scale has a manufacturer warranty for 1 to 2 years depending on which country you live in .I think some places in Europe is 2 years .Thank you very much for reading my review .


Hi, this is great information on fitbit aria 2. I like reading this post

I don’t need a new scale right now but I will definitely be recommending to friends who might want a new scale.

Thank you for sharing this info with us.


You are welcome Lyne .Thank you very much



This is a great review of the Fitbit Aria. This is something I could definitely do with, as I need to start exercising again now that we are going back into lockdown in the UK and our gyms are closing and the weather is awful. I need to track my weight and body fat as I exercise so I know that it’s working or not.

I will let you know when I purchase one and if it is working well for me.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

All the best,



Alright Tom ,keep me posted .Let me know if you have any question ,anytime


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