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The fitbit aria air review

Have you all noticed how electronic devices are getting more and more fancy each year ?It is really astonishing to see how much can be done in just a few clicks when using these smart devices. Things which used to take hours to calculate and put together, can now be done in just seconds! In the fitbit aria air review here, we will take a close look at one of the most decent smart scales on the market .

The fitbit aria air review -An image of the fitbit aria air

Dimensions :30X30X2.57 cm

Weight : 1.79 kg

ManufacturerFitbit Inc

In fact, this scale has a lot of things to catch the eyes. It has a lot of good attribute and it definitely stands out, even when compared to more expensive and more sophisticated smart bathroom scales :

  • It is simple and reliable

Once someone steps on this scaleit measures and displays the weight on its nice and clear screen. This scale also measures the body mass index (BMI) to give the user a complete picture of their health situation. All the measurements are directly sent to the phone and tablet application “Fitbit, where they are explained in more details using simple charts .

The fitbit aria air review-An image of a phone

  • Its set up process with smartphone, is straightforward

The scale comes with a quick start up guide. In just a few minutes the user can take their first measurements. It is so easy and simple. The user’s phone is connected to the scale using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Its application for phones and tablet application is very practical

Its application for phones and tablet application is one my favorite things regarding this scale. It allows the user to see more details regarding their health situation. The scale itself only displays the weight of the user on its screen. All the other important details are accessed through the application. When using the application, the user can track their exercising, set objectives, keep an eye on the eating habits and also measure hydration 

How does the Fitbit application work ?

Unlike some smart scales on the market, this scale works with its application. Here is good news about all this, the application “Fitbit” is the same for the Fitbit smart watches and fitness bracelets. Why is this good news ?Because users who have other Fitbit devices, can access all their data in one single place, in the application. I mean data from their fitbit fitness bracelets, smart watch and scale all synchronized in one place. It gives the user a better understanding of their general health situation, without them having to put all the different data, from different devices together by themselves. The fitbit application has also many other cool options like sleep tracking, all that to give the user as much information as possible, in one place and through charts graphs, with relevant trends and more.

Furthermore, the user of the Fitbit application has access to the Fitbit community which include other fitbit members. On that platform,users can interact, motivate each other, so that all the members can reach their fitness goals.It is like one big family .

The fitbit aria air review-An image of a team

Members also have an option to become premium subscribers if they want, which gives them access to more personified fitness programs with follow-ups.

Why buy this scale ?

The first reason why someone would buy this scale, is the look.It has one of the best design ever in my opinion.Its design is very creative and yet very simple at the same time and I like it .

The second reason, is the phone and tablet application which is very easy to use and easy to connect .

Lastly, this bathroom scale has a multi-user capacity.A big household can share this scale. Each person just need to log into their fitbit profile if they have one,if not,they can sign up to one for free. The profile is set up by providing the age,gender,height and a few other personal information,nothing crazy personal though ! . It is easy to do and the whole process takes about a minute to do .

What I don’t like about this weighing scale

Although I like this scale,there are some stuff I don’t like about this bathroom scale.The first thing I have against this scale, is the fact that it doesn’t measure body fat percentage.For someone who has weight loss goals, it is absolutely very helpful to know about the body fat percentage.To achieve success in losing weight,it is important to keep or increase the muscle mass and at the same time lose body fat percentage.How can that be done ?Is it easy ?Well ,one thing is sure ,It demands diet discipline and regular exercise .The fitbit aria air review-An image of a  person crushing a pizza

Body fat percentage is one of the key indicator when someone is losing weight and it is also a good indicator of the health big picture of a person.

Secondly, this scale does not work with apple health nor google health fitness application .

Lastly,there are other scales on the market which cost less than Fitbit Aria air and yet have more features.One example would be the Fitindex body fat scale .

What is my opinion about this bathroom scale ?

Overall, this scale is good and pretty much accurate. It is mostly very efficient on providing, tracking weight setting up weight loss goals and the charts and graphs from the phone application explain everything so well .

However,I also find that it tends to be more digital than smart as it is advertised.Smart scales usually do a lot more than just providing the weight and the body mass index.I don’t blame Fitbit for the Aria air model because they have many other nicer bathroom scales models.Other than fitbit, there are a lot of smart scales on the market.Check out my list of the best smart scales in 2020.

Thank you for reading my review ,don’t forget to leave a comment ,like and share with friends and family.

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Fitbit aria air






Phone Application







  • Nice design
  • Decent application
  • Multi-user capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Weight tracking


  • Lack of features
  • Incompatibility with apple health and google health
  • expensive
  • No pregnancy mode
  • No Wifi connectivity

16 comments on “The fitbit aria air review

Hi Jim,

I really like this scale. My wife uses a lot of Fitbit tech and, as you say, everything integrates into a single app. I think that all smart health devices should integrate into Apple and/or Google health but that’s probably a business competition decision.

Thanks for the great review!


Hi Frank, you are welcome .I am glad you like my review .Also , Fitbit has many other good smart scales .I was a little disappointed in this one ,it didn’t meet my expectation


Hi Jim,

You mention at one point that the scale shows your info on the screen, but the picture is of a smart phone, and I can’t see a screen on the actual scale in the pictures. Does it have a screen, or is the display only available via smart phone app?

Thanks for this article; this scale seems super cool, and I like that it measure BMI, although I agree with you that it would be better if it measured body fat percentage as well.


Hi Jade ,this scale has a nice design ,i hope we agree on that .Yes,the scale has a screen .However ,the screen on the scale shows only the body weight If the user wants to see all the other details ,they access them through the application for phones .In the application ,there are a bunch of nice options and features .I hope this helps you .Let me know if there is something else .Thank you Jade


Hi Jim, these scales do seem like the bees and …

Great for the serious trainer I guess but in order for these to work correctly everything as to be input correctly.

Who would have thought that our bathroom scales would now be connected to apps?

I like the fact that several people can have their own program.

Quite reasonably priced as well.

Great review and thank you for sharing.


You are welcome Mick and I am glad you like my review .


Hi Jim,
Nice to know that the old fashioned bath room scale has gotten an update! I am familiar with fitbit even tho I use a simple step-counter for most of my personal fitness tools. Just never have upgraded, I guess. The ability to have multiple accounts set up for use with the scale is a nice feature. With the 4 of us in my Family, all with different weight issues, this sounds like a good way to keep track of all, without the hassle of trying to synch a bunch of different applications.


Hi Sanders ,you are absolutely right .Thank you very much ,i am happy that you like my review


Hi, great review, I didn’t know about this app, Fitbit is a good app to have when you want to keep your scale and information to view. Great article thank you for sharing



You are welcome Lyne and i a glad you like my review .Thank you very much


Hi Jim,

Funny that I ran across this article now, since I was just looking into the best scales out there. I ended up buying a different one and haven’t tried it out yet, but I plan on starting the weight goals Monday – fresh start!

I kind of wished I had seen this post a week ago before I went out and got the one I ended up going with. This one sounds like it does a lot, even if it doesn’t measure your body fat percentage.

Thanks for sharing this review. I’ll keep this in mind for others that are looking.



Thank you Katrina ,thank you for sharing this with others and also if you have any question with your new scale ,don’t hesitate to let me know .Enjoy your new scale and good luck with the new goals


Great review of yet another scale. Boy, are these going digital. Thank u Jim. I think you have a wonderful style of reviewing stuff. Love your articles.
Thanks so much,


My pleasure Aparna ,thank you for the compliments and thank you for reading my review!


Hey Jim. This is a really useful review and in truth, I had no idea that there were scales with combined App options on the market. I’m still using two independent devices and whilst it works, having one central source so you can monitor everything in real time would be great.

Is this a new concept or are there other similar products on the market? I’m still using an Apple Watch so I wonder if there are android options that can be linked up? Will have to do some research.

Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome Jason ! I am happy that you like my review


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