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The Fitindex smart scale review-Know this before buying one !

Fitindex smart scale

Product : Fitindex smart scale

Connectivity : Bluetooth

Compatibility :IOS and android

In the Fitindex smart scale review here,we are going to take a close look at the Bluetooth body fat scale by Fitindex.This smart scale uses the bio electrical impedance analysis to measure thirteen main aspects of the whole body composition :Body fat percentage ,Water percentage ,Body weight,Subcutaneous fat,Muscle mass,Bone mass,protein ,and more

How does it work?

When a person steps on this scale,a weak electric current flows thought the body and comes back to the scale.In the same process the resistance of the body to the current to flow through is measured.Normally ,the body resists to the flow of the current and the resisting process is also known as ” Impedance”. A body with more muscle resists more to the flow which means a low impedance and vice versa.From the impedance measurement,all the other aspects are measured starting from the water percentage ,fat in the body vs muscles, etc .

All the measurements are processed in a mobile device or a tablet application called “Fitindex ” and then displayed on the phone or tablet.It is compatible with IOS devices as well as androids. This smart scale can be synchronized with many applications which include Apple health,Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit .

How to set up the scale

It is one the easiest smart scale to set up.It could take at most 5 minutes :

  • Insert the AAA batteries
  • Place the scale on a hard surface
  • Download the Fitindex application from Playstore or Apple store
  • Set up the profil and preferences using the downloaded application
  • Through a phone or tablet,pair the device using Bluetooth
  • The pairing process is completed by standing on the scale .
  • Once the scale is paired to the phone or tablet,remain standing on the scale and give it a few seconds The scale then calculates and displays everything on the phone or tablet
  • Unwanted data can be deleted anytime by the user through the application
  • This scale has unlimited user capacity which means a big family and friends can all use it separately .

In case of trouble with the scale,it can be reset and readjusted by :

  • Removing one AAA battery for 10 seconds .
  • Place the scale on a hard surface again
  • step on the scale with one foot to apply pressure a little for 3 seconds and release
  • Wait for the screen of the scale to display “00”
  • Go to the application,delete the scale which was added before and its data and pair it anew

How to synchronize Fitindex with the compatible fitness applications?

It is really stressful to have data stored in different applications.The user would have to check out each application one by one and calculate, to put all the data together in order to understand their general fitness .

This smart scale allows the user to synchronize all the fitness applications. The process can be done by following these steps :

  • Go to the Fitindex accound
  • Enter into settings
  • From settings, choose and allow the desired smart health applications to synchronize with Fitindex.

Why buy the Fitindex smart scale ?

It is one of the best smart scale available on the market.It has remarkable features that are hard to find in other smart scales :

Kids playing in a house

  • This scale is durable and resistant because it is made of quality materials.It has Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene also plastic also known as ABS plastic at the bottom.This plastic is very resistant to physical impact,chemical corrosion, etc.This type of plastic is designed to withstand an adverse environment which can also occur from inside a house
  • I tought the Qardiobase 2 smart scale is the most accurate among all ,however with the Fitindex ,i don’t know which one to choose ,as i like them both  . Most body fat scales in its class , have one electrode in the middle,this scale has 4 of them and it uses high-precision sensors
  • This scale can weigh a person who weighs up to 180 kg like it is nothing .
  • It has a 5mm tempered glass at the surface which means it doesn’t break that easily even if someone steps on it very hard.A tempered glass is strengthened, resist to scratches, heat and someone can still see through it because it stays clear as spring water .
  • Once the user steps on this scale,in about 10 seconds,they can see all these aspects of their body composition:

Body age,Skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight,Muscle mass,Body weight ,BMI(Body mass index),Visceral fat, Body fat percentage ,Water percentage ,Subcutaneous fat,Basal metabolism,Bone mass and protein.

  • This scale is designed to help the user achieve their weight loss goals.It details everything by showing the user where they are gaining from the thirteen key aspects of the body composition. It even suggests achievable healthy goals to the user.
  • From the phone or tablet, data can be shared with family,friends and doctor in just one click.

Is this smart scale perfect ?

Like every other product on the market,nothing is perfect one hundred percent . Why ?Because it was designed by as humans and we are not perfect.Here are some things about this scale that are not so good :

  • The user has to stand on the right spot or the designated spot for this scale to be accurate.In addition to this it has to be on a hard surface when it is being set up,same when the user is using it.The feet have to be dry and they have to touch the four electrodes(two for the left food and two for the right foot )
  • All the thirteen key aspects of body composition are calculated using the height, which the user enters in the first use set up process. If the height which is interred is wrong, it is affected a lot and the scale could give wrong measurements result entirely.
  • It is not for nothing that this scale works with an application . There are more options when it is used with its application on a phone or tablet,the scale on its own on its screen,doesn’t show the results of all the thirteen key body composition aspects .
  • Its dimensions are 25.9cm in length 25.9 cm in width and 2.4 cm of depth and it weights 1.1 kg.I find that it is a little bit small if the user has very long feet.However ,I also think it is made like this to allow the feet to touch the four electrodes .
  • This scale needs three good quality batteries for it to work smoothly at its best performance. There are batteries on the market which once they are used for this scale won’t last very long .

Am I for or against this scale ?

I am really amazed of how much this scale can do.Right now it is being sold on Amazon for $47.99 Canadian  dollars.”As an amazon associate i earn from qualifying purchases “, if someone buys using a link on this page and it does not affect the pricing  of the product at all . This is  definitely a good deal compared to how much the user gets in return and also compared to other scales in this category .

Most people fail to lose weight because the scale they use are not accurate and don’t have the capacity to show the different key aspect of the body composition.Not having these key details when trying to lose weight or keeping track is definitely not  effective and could lead to giving up the whole thing.

Giving up

Before loosing weight, most of the time, a person needs to know first where there are gaining the fat from and all the details around.I highly recommend this scale,it has all what it takes to be one of the best body fat scale on the market .

Thank you for reading my review.Please leave me a comment,tell me what you think about this review or just give a personal review of this scale in comments.I would be happy to discuss more about this scale.Feel free to ask any question also ,I will get back to you.

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Fitindex Bluetooth Body fat scale

$47.99 CAD









Multi users



  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Effectiveness
  • Shock resistant
  • easy data sharing


  • Profil data dependance
  • The need of a mobile application for most features
  • The need of good battery
  • Vulnerability to water
  • Small surface to stand on

18 comments on “The Fitindex smart scale review-Know this before buying one !

Wow, this in as excellent review! I struggle with losing weight, as I am a bit heavy for my height. You made an excellent point near the end here about needing to know where the fat is coming from — I did not consider that. That may be part of my problem. The Smart Scale is definitely something to consider, although, having to stand in the right spot and needing three batteries to make it work is a tad off-putting. But like you say— it is made by humans and we are not perfect.

Thanks so much for the info!


Hi Darcy ,this scale is definitely awesome .I guess you also saw how much it costs .Based on how much it costs and what it offers ,i think this is really a good deal and of course nothing is perfect here on earth ,this scale has some flaws as well but compared to what i like about it ,for me ,the pros side wins!


Awesome review, this scale is perfect for people that are trying to lose weight, but can’t figure out where they are gaining it. I think it’s great for the price, and batteries is something that won’t bother me if I get what I need.


Hi Nataliya ,all i can say is “go for it “.This scale is awesome ,it has amazing features .It is hard to find a scale in its category within the same price and with such durability


Hi Jim,

This is a great review on fitindex smart scale. You’ve gone through each aspect of this scale and described it really well. A newbie like myself can learn alot from this and make an informed decision about buying it. This scale seems to look fab as it can measure lots of things withing your body.

Thank you for sharing an amazing product with us.

Best wishes


You are welcome habib ,thank you very much .I am happy you found this helpful


I like the idea for nursing home visits, do you think the scale is very portable?


Hi Rebecca ,even if this scale is made with durable and high quality materials,it is surprisingly light and very portable .It can fit in a back pack or a bag
with no problem .


Hi Jimjim12,
This is a fantastic product review. I think you’ve pretty much covered all the bases without appearing to go over board. I’m battling with a little bulge myself of about 20-30 LBS over. Need a product like this to stay on track. Great content! Keep up the good work.

To Your Success,


Interesting. I had no idea that scales like this even exist. Thanks for the education. I use a scale occasionally. I have no idea how much body fat I have, but it is less and less as the months go by. (since I adopted a plant-based diet) works for me.

Scales are good tools to gauge your progress, but the number one thing is finding the right way to eat so you will not hate the results and throw your scale in disgust. So if I were at the beginning of my journey in losing weight, I would probably want this to know how much body fat I have to get rid of.

Thanks for the post.



Hi Brian ,which diet are you on ?It also sound interesting .Thank you


Hi Jim,

The Fitindex smart scale does seem excellent, and not a bad price of $47. Since lockdown I have been putting on weight (as everybody has), and I need to do something about it. The smart index will definitely help me, as I need to know exactly why and where my weight is coming from. I think I know but I need to put a bit more effort in and find out.

If I end up purchasing the smart scale then I will let you know and I will give my own review on it too.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

All the best,



Hi Tom , you are not alone ,the quarantine and the staying home has made all of us gain some wait ,this scale is definitely good.It shows the user a lot of things which are key to weigh gain and weight loss .Go for it buddy !


Who would have thought that they would make smart scales? At first I thought why bother but after reading this review I can totally get onboard. So many times I am running late in the morning, jump on the scale, and by the time I can actually think about it all I forgot what I read. this way I can have it pop up on an app and remind me all day long. I think this would be pretty handy actually.

Thanks for sharing this post. Bravo!
Jamie L.


You are right Jamie ,with a smart scale the user have their measurement data every where which is very nice

Gorjan Spirkoski

I had an aria scale once, but I dropped it and never got the chance to buy a new one. I use to love it because it was very simple to use, wasn’t that big, and it recognized me as a user the very second I opened the app.

Guess what? I’m buying it again!


hahaha!, Go for it Gorjan and let me know if you have any question .I will do my best to help you out .Keep me posted


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