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The Fittrack smart scale review

Product :Fittrack Dara

Type : Body weight smart scale

The Fittrack smart scale review-An image of the Fittrack Dara

In the Fittrack smart scale review here, I will pull out the most important details about this scale. I am going to start by defining a smart scale , the next thing I am going to talk about is how to set up the Fittrack Dara smart scale,I will show the best features this scale has, then why buy this smart scale, the pros and cons and lastly ,I will tell you whether I recommend this scale or not .

What is a body weight smart scale?

It is a body weight scale which is smart.It is smart because it measures more than just the weight of a person.In addition to the weight,a smart scales measures other body metrics like body mass index, hydration, muscle mass,and more.When a person stands on this scale,a weak and safe electric current is sent from the scale and it travels through the legs and abdomen. When the traveling current meets with fat tissues of the body,it is slowed down by the resistance of the fat tissues,against the current to flow through. A smart scale has a built in and validated scientific equation which measures the resistance of fat tissues and uses it to calculate other body composition metrics .

How to set up the Fittrack scale ?

When it comes to setting up this scale,it is very easy and can be done by following a few steps :

  • The scale has an application “Fittrack pro”for phones and tablets.The application can be downloaded on the App store for IPhone devices and on Playstore for android.
  • It needs four AAA batteries to work and they can be inserted at the bottom of the scale. There are no screws at to open the battery compartment,just slide and lift to put the batteries in , close and slide after the batteries are in .
  • Turn on the scale and turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone or tablet
  • Through the application,go to my device and then click on the plus(+) button to connect the scale with your phone.The Bluetooth icon will show on the screen of the scale once it is connected to the application on the phone .
  • The last and not the least details, is to take the measurements barefoot and with no heavy clothes if possible ,
    to get more accurate results to get more accurate results

Where to set up the scale ?

The scale has four rubberized plates,one in each corner ,they are used to stabilize the scale and it works better when the scale is on a hard surface.Per example, it is not recommended placing the scale on a carpet while measuring because the floor surface may not be hard and could be uneven with the carpet on it.

Which features does this scale have?

Fittrack is one of the scales which are taking the standard to the next level with so many nice features.Here are some main features of this scale :

  • Beside measuring body weight,this scale can measure in total,seventeen body composition aspects.The seventeen body composition index are the main ones,when it comes to determining how healthy someone is .
  • We all have different bodies,some of us are more athletic than others.This weighing scale allows the user to switch to different modes to fit the body type of the user.Athletes usually have a higher muscle mass because they exercise regularly, the scale takes into consideration this aspect and adjust the calculations. The device also has an “Infant mode”. No matter what body types the user is,it is recommended to use the athlete or the infant mode, it increases the effectiveness and the accuracy when measuring.
  • This scale can be used by up to eight people separately.Each one can set up their profile,they can even have their picture on their profile.The scale recognizes each user separately,organizes and tracks measurement results for each person and privately. It is not for nothing than this scale is among the best smart scales in 2020,my previous article.

How to check the measurement results for each body index?

When using the application,the user can check the different body composition aspects by clicking on each one.When the user selects one of the body composition metric, it shows the user,using a line,where the user is on the line.The line has a scale of low to very high, the user can know therefore how healthy they are using this line,everything is explained in the application,under each body index .

Why buy this scale?

The main reasons, which set this scale apart from others, in the same category are :

  • This scale uses an advanced method of BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis ) to measure the body weight.Unlike other scales, it uses two different frequencies of BIA technology to be more precise and accurate with the measurements .
  • Independent researchers on smart scales technologies,mentioned than this scale leads in accuracy.It is the most clinically accurate . This scale has scientists, experts and a medical advisory team who are constantly working on how to improve it and keep it up to date, with the newest technologies.
  • The user can save a lot of money with this scale .
    The Fittrack smart scale review-An image of a piggy bankHow ?The user can now access their measurement results from anywhere, there is no need to go pay, to get measured at a clinic when you can now take measurements from home.The other cool thing about this, the scale measures even the most critical information like visceral fat levels and subcutaneous.Visceral fat level per example, is directly related to the insulin resistance of the body and cholesterol level. If someone has a lot of subcutaneous fat,they are at a risk of having heart disease,strokes ,diabetes and more.

Pros and cons

Here are my pros about this scale:

  • The ability to track visceral and subcutaneous fat levels
  • It is built with the best accuracy technologies
  • The application works fantastic with phones and tablet
  • The scale itself is easy to use
  • This scale’s progress tracking is easy and awesome with reminders

Here are my cons about this scale :

  • It only connects through Bluetooth,no WiFi
  • It could be a lot wider and larger
  • It can only be used on solid surfaces
  • The scale could be chargeable instead of using AAA batteries
  • It could be designed with a much stronger exterior finish,to resist in a harsh environment

The verdict

Overall,this scale has really a lot to offer. Honestly ,it is hard to find a scale on the market with such health indicators features.I highly recommend this product .

Check it out on

As an amazon associate,I earn from qualifying purchases, when someone buys using a link on this page. Just to make things clear,my association with Amazon does not affect the price of the product, and the commission I earn is paid by Amazon .

Well,I hope you like my review.Would you please comment ? Tell me what you think about this review or, do you have a personal review of this product ?

Comment below please and don’t forget to visit this website again,there are more reviews and nice articles coming up .

Thank you very much


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The Fittrack smart scale review






Phone application







  • Visceral fat/Subcutaneous tracking
  • Advanced accuracy
  • Connectivity
  • usability
  • progress tracking with reminders


  • No WiFi connectivity feature
  • Product dimensions
  • Solid surface only
  • Battery powered
  • Shock resistance

22 comments on “The Fittrack smart scale review

Wow, I didn’t even know these things existed! Technology is amazing! I think it’s so cool that it connects to your phone by Bluetooth and it how can measure up to 17 body composition aspects! I’ll definitely look into this. Great review!


Hi Aminah ,this scale is definitely awesome !There are also some more scales ,check out my article on the best smart scales in 2020.This one is also on my list


Great details here about the Fittrack smart scale. I’ve needed something like this for a long time. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Alyse .I am happy you found what you wanted in this review


It certainly is an interesting product there I just use a normal scale myself but I have seen pod scales in shopping centers where you get into it and it takes everything into account and then sends you a detailed analysis, think that is way over the top. This scale offers just what you need without going over the top. Great review


Thank you Kevin ,I am glad you like my review


This is cool, I didn’t even know these things existed! My phone is not even plugged to Bluetooth and I have it in my car

Style, it’s cool that it connects to your phone by Bluetooth and it how can measure up to 17 body composition aspects! wow, Great review! Thank’s



Thank you very much Lyne .I am glad you like my review


Hi Jim,

This is a really interesting and informative review. The Fittrack smart scale sounds amazing. Since lockdown I have put on a bit more weight than I would have liked and my diet had dropped a lot because I have gotten lazier. So, I need to start losing weight and building up my muscle again. This device looks like it can help me know if I’m losing weight and also if I am building muscle, which I have never seen a device that can do that before.

With your pros and cons, I think the pros outweigh (no pun intended) the cons, and this may be worth investing in.

If I do invest in it then I will let you know how I get on with it, and I could even give my own review. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

All the best,



Hi Tom ,thank you very much .I am happy this review helped you .Please let me know when you get this scale, i would like to hear your review also


The fit track smart scale sounds amazing, you just wonder how they figured out how to be able to calculate so much with one of these scales. I don’t even own a scale myself, I use my pants to keep track of my weight. Ha, ha……….The reason for this is every scale I have bought has not lasted me much more than one year, so I just might invest in one of these scales.



Good idea Jeff ! I see what you mean ,it is true that there are smart scales that are not that good and not durable ,try this one Jeff .In my opinion it is one of the best one for this year


Yes It’s a super accurate scale. Some numbers, I just trust what they say because I have nothing to compare them with. Only downside is that the app is not the most user friendly and if you forget to change the username prior to weighing in, you have to redo the weigh in and it doesn’t always register with the Bluetooth on the first attempt. I also wish the app had more info graphics with charts to see a better representation of trends overtime for each category.


Hi Satz ,this scale has all that .Check it out on Amazon .Thank you very much


This seems like a good techie thing to have even though I don’t physically need one, gadgets are there for buying, correct?? Anyway, I like the sound of finding out if my body mass is at the right level. Thanks.


Hi David ,this scale is definitely something to look into .It does a lot more than just showing the body weight .It can help the user know their general health situation just in the comfort of their home ,isn’t this cool ?


In Dutch we have a saying “Measuring is knowing”. It sounds better in Dutch, because it’s a rhyme then, but anyway, it is a good remark. That’s the main advantage of scales like this, the data and they keep it visual most of the time, so you can see easily how your body is doing. Great review, thanks!


You are welcome Hannie .Thank you for reading and liking my article


Thank you for your post. I think this smart scale helps a lot for someone who is losing weight, tracking their health status, and make a strategy how to achieve their goals. It’s convenient and we don’t need to buy a manual scale, download many apps and wasting time. It’s a good gadget to have, and thanks for the technology because it changes people live in 21 Century.


You are right Ling ,technology is not always bad like we all thought,it also has a lot benefits .This scale is one of the examples.Thank you Ling



This is a beautifully written article and you deserve full marks for it.
The way you have explained all the benefits of the fittrack scale is indeed great. And the best is, it has many different and amazing features, as it measures more than the weight of a person, and people can save a lot of money by using this fittrack scale.
I think you would have a lot of people visiting your website.
Great work.


Thank you Aparna ,i am glad you like my article


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