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The Oxysmart review-Monitor your oxygen level the smart way


The Oxysmart is a small wireless oximeter used to measure the oxygen level and check on the heart rate. The device is clipped to a finger and it start measuring automatically.The device connects to a phone or tablet using Bluetooth .The Oxysmart has a free application for phones and tablets called ViHealth available on Apple store and Play store.The measurement results are displayed and explained directly in real -time on the user’s phone or a tablet .

In the Oxysmart review I am about to do, I will talk about :

The features of the device .

– Which measurement results  are considered safe .

How the Oxysmart can help against the corona virus .

The pros and cons of using this device.

Without waiting any longer let’s  see what the Oxysmart Pulse oximeter can do .

The oxysmart features

Like  the Qardioarm blood pressure monitor,  measurements  results from this oximeter are trusted by doctors .It is FDA approved .Oxysmart can be for home use or can also be used in a medical clinic. The device takes measurements whenever and wherever the user wants to use it.This oximeter can also be used for a continuous follow up of the oxygen level and the heart health over a period .

The oxysmart has a lot more to offer :

  • The measurement which are taken can be followed on a smartphone or tablet through the free application available for Apple and Android devices .
  • Each time there is a measurement which is not normal,the user is notified with an alarm
  • It is wireless, compact and portable .
  • The device power goes on automatically to take measurements and off when it not being used .
  • With the built in memory,the device can store up to 12 separate measurements and in one click the user can see,analyze and compare all the last 12 measurements on their smart phone or tablet.
  • The devices come with two AAA batteries and when the batteries are low the device has an indicator for this .

Which numbers of SpO2 and pulse rate are considered safe ?

SpO2 = Saturation percentage of oxygen in blood

bpm = Beat per minute

  • Oxygen level

95 % of SpO2 and above is what is considered safe most of the case.However ,each person is different.A 95% SpO2 is not exactly standard. The SpO2 gets below 95% it is recommended to talk to a doctor . My normal measurement could be different from yours.A doctor can help determine the normal measurement.The measurements are also related to the psychology of a person .

Nevertheless,at 88% the heart tissues could start get damaged.Having this pocket oximeter is really a smart move as measurements can be taken anytime and anywhere .

  • Heart rate

The pulse rate analysis is accessed through the free mobile and tablet application of the device.The application name is “ViHealth” and it is available for Apple devices and android.

A heart at rest normally has a pulse rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute(bpm) . An athlete could have a normal pulse rate close to 40 bpm.
Having above 100 or below 60 bpm constantly could indicate a problem in the system. Talk to a doctor about low or high measurements.

How the Oxysmart can help against the corona virus


Difficulty breathing


The Corona virus is a respiratory virus which attacks the lungs. When the lungs are affected,other organs get affected too because the lungs are responsible for delivering oxygen we breathe in to other organs ( Kidney,brain ,the heart ,etc).

Here is how the fingertip pulse oximeter can help :

-Take measurements using the device and get to know your normal(This normal is what is used as a reference result).

-In case of mild symptoms of the corona virus, example coughing,etc , take measurements and compare the result with the normal level which was measured before as a reference.

-If the saturation percentage of oxygen in blood (SpO2) is below 95 % or keeps dropping talk to the doctor and figure out the reason behind .


-The Oxysmart is not too pricey compared to all it can do.

-Has an audible and visual notifications( A beep and flash on the screen for abnormal measurements ).

-The Oxysmart is splash proof .

-It connects to the phone or tablet using Bluetooth.

-Accurate and professional measurements.


-When it beeps to notify ,the sound is not very loud.But it still can  be heard.

-The application used on the phones and tablets (ViHealth) is not the smoothest.

-Its Bluetooth connection works better when the smartphone or tablet is not too far from the oxysmart.

-The Oxysmart needs two good quality AAA batteries ,bad quality batteries won’t last too long like it is for any other device.

-There should be more instructions in the booklet it comes with.

Get back your peace of mind with the oxysmart

To live on this planet we need oxygen. Not having enough oxygen leads to damage of other organs in the body or worse. Having this smart device in your pocket is really a good deal. It helps to keep an eye on the oxygen level and the heart rate.A low level of oxygen ?The alarm of the device goes off,and the flashing OLED display screen notifies the user in time. Using the smartphone application, the results are shared directly with a doctor for a closer follow up.

There is no reason to be stressed about the oxygen level dropping unnoticed.Why ? Because the Oxysmart has made it the measuring process so easy,accurate and professional. Don’t wait,get yours today !


(As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals on the Oxysmart Fingertip pulse oximeter  .When someone uses a link on this page  to make a purchase i may get a  small commission from the purchase)

Thank you for reading my review. If you have a personal review of this product,a question or if you just like this product or this review please leave a comment below ,I will be more that happy to discuss about this in the comments.

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The oxysmart- Fingertip pulse oximeter.


Phone Application




notification sound


Splash proof


bluetooth connectivity



  • Good price
  • Audible and visual notifications
  • Splash resistance
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Accuracy


  • Sound not too loud
  • Phone and tablet application with minor flaws
  • Bluetooth connectivity distance
  • battery absorption
  • Lack of instruction in the booklet

20 comments on “The Oxysmart review-Monitor your oxygen level the smart way

Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I hadn’t heard of the Oxysmart before your post, but it seems like a fascinating device for monitoring your heart and potentially preventing heart disease or a heart attack. Heart disease runs in my family, and I know several people who would greatly benefit from this information! I have saved your site and will definitely share it with my friends and family. God bless you!


Hi C.N., i am glad you like my post .This device is a very helpful device , compared to its costs .It is really a good idea to have one in our homes .Let your friends and family know about this ,i am sure they will also like it .Thank you very much


Thank you for such an informative post. It’s good to know what’s considered average or normal with regard to oxygen levels or heart rate. Oxysmart looks like a great little device and easy to use. I currently use a home blood pressure monitor for heart rate, but will take a look at Oxysmart


Hi Kathy ,i agree with you this device is great .It is very helpful to have one at home especially now that there is the respiratory desease.Thank you


Wow! Thanks for posting this article with interesting piece of information on this device especially been able to help in the aspects of coronavirus.
Not just that alone but also able to help prevent heart attacks and unnecessary panic/visit to the doctor or ED.


Hi Benson ,yeah that is what i am talking about .This device is a time saver .This coronavirus has made people paranoic.Monitoring the oxygen level with oxysmart ,the user dont need to panic for nothing .Thank you Benson


I find it interesting that the Oxysmart has bluetooth capabilities. I work in healthcare and some of the equipment we use isn’t even programmed with a memory. So the fact the Oxysmart has that capability is impressive. Very nice!


I agree Teresa ,this device is a game changer with the Bluetooth technology .Wheither we want it or not ,the whole world is going the way of technology .We are going to see more and more smart devices around us.Thank you Teresa


Wow i never knew this existed! This is so perfect and ideal for my partner who is sensitive to the particles in the air. Thanks for sharing this !


Hi Fiona ,

It sounds like a great idea to get one for your partner .I believe you are going to like it .Try it out!


I never knew that it was possible to check our own oxygen levels at home. This is particularly important with our current stay at home epidemic. Will this device connect to a laptop?


Not all the laptops are the same catherine .So ,yes and no.Thank you catherine


ahh crap. I bet my oxygen levels are a joke. I know because I catch myself not breathing sometimes as I forgot lol. Especially while right before I dose off to sleep. This was very helpful. Do you struggle with normal oxygen intake as well?


Hi AJ ,my oxygen is fine .What happened ?I hope you are okay .Even if the oxysmart is very helpful ,sometimes we may need to visit the doctor .These products are to be used only as alternatives ,they are not replacing the doctor


I read this and my grandmother would benefit from this. I’m going to shoot this link over to her now to see what she says. Thanks for such an informative post!


Hi Thomas ,thank you for sharing this with your family .This monitor is definitely awesome and very useful especially now that there is the virus


What a nice post you wrote ! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the oxysmart and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.

I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this product.

I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂



Hi Ali ,
i am glad you like my article and my website .Feel free to visit it anytime you want ,it will make me very happy .


As we age, we are increasingly in need of monitors. What better way to monitor our oxygen level from our own homes instead that of at a hospital!

Great post!

Joe Joson


Hi Joe ,i agree with you ,we need to take advantage of technology whenever we can .It saves us a lot of time and trouble


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