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The qardiobase 2 smart scale review-Analyse your whole body

Qardiobase 2 smart scale
Qardiobase 2 smart scale



Product :The Qardiobase 2 smart scale

Dimensions : 37 x 37 x 3.7 cm

Weight: 3.04 kg

Connectivity: WiFi or Bluetooth

Units  : lb or kg

Measurement range:From 9 – 396 Lbs (5-180 Kg)

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There are scales and there are smart scales. A few years ago using a weighing scale meant stepping on the scale and keep an eye on the needle to find out how much we weigh and that was it. I don’t even think some of the results were accurate enough.

Qardiobase 2  is a smart scale which does a lot more than just measuring the weight:

1. Checks on the full body composition

-Measures the weight

-Calculates the body mass index (BMI) and tracks any change in the body from muscles,body fat, water to bones .

2. Works with popular phone or tablet” health applications”

Monitor everything on your smartphone or tablet.This scale works with popular health applications :

– Samsung health

– Apple Health

-My Fitness pal

-Google Fit and Chronometer



This scale tracks everything , it is very useful for mothers-to -be and it tracks also the early months of nurturing  after the baby is born.

3. Has pregnancy mode to track the progress

– Tracks all the changes in the body until the due date

– It checks everything, analyzes it and gives smart feedback with healthy advices

-Presents all the details through the Qardiobase 2 application on your phone or tablet



4. Option to set weight goals and track them


– Once a realistic weight loss goal is set through the Qardiobase 2 application

– It tracks the weight loss process,analyzes all the data

-Gives detailed smart feedback ( It can give smileys for a quick feedback,vibrates gently to notify       when data has been recorded and more )

-Motivates by suggesting weekly targets


-It gives general idea on your health.

-It is easy to set up and to connect to the applications .

-It can be used by up to 8 persons separately .It remembers the data of each one.


-It feels wobbly when the user doesn’t stand  on the designated spot for the feet

-It takes 8 AAA batteries.So, it is better to use rechargeable ones .

Buy a Qardiobase 2 smart scale

The scale can be bought by clicking HERE .

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7 comments on “The qardiobase 2 smart scale review-Analyse your whole body


Hi. Thank you for sharing your informative review. I didn’t know there is such a smart scales in the martket until I read your article.

It sound interesting and amazing that it can calculates the body mass index and tracks any change in the body from muscles, body fat, water to bones.

May I know is this the only product that have such features in the market or there is something similiar with a different brand?


Hi Janet ,

Yes there are other similar products on the market .However i liked this one more ,it has awesome and practical feautures like no other .I am glad you like my article .Thank you



Wow. Honestly I didn’t have any idea about such smart scales. Ability to track wight goals is awesome. Thanks for this one.


Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their dream-like home gadgets. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
Kind regards,


Hi Jim,

I love your review, especially the fact that it can be used by up to 8 persons all at once.
Tracking a weight loss progress is also a helpful feature.

I think the pregnancy mode feature would be a great resource for many pregnant women who so often want to eat right but could greatly benefit the “gentle prod” to do so in the form of health advice.



Hi! Amazing product that is. I really like the fact that you can connect to your smartphone app and monitor all the features like body weight and mass, although you use an external source such as this smart scale!

It reminds me of cardio and pulse-tracking products like iwatches and apart from that, you don’t even have to pay all these loads of money to dietologists in order to properly measure your body’s fat and muscles.

Great product indeed!


Well that’s quite an incredible product ! I think I’ve heard of this kind of connected scale before but wasn’t fully aware of its capacities. Having your scale to coach you daily. Sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for this !


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