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The Renpho body fat scale review

Product : Renpho body fat scale

Dimensions : 27.94×2.94×27.94 cm

Weight :1.29 Kilograms

The Renpho body fat scale review-A picture of the scale

In the renpho body fat scale review here, we will see together:

  • why buy this smart scale?
  • How to use this scale the proper way and avoid errors?
  • What I like about this scale
  • What I don’t like about this scale
  • Where I stand ,regarding scale

Why buy this scale ?

It is one of the most liked scales on the market. This scale has users from all over the world and the reasons people love this scale are so many. One of the reasons, is the way this scale can be set up. It is absolutely amazing, how easy, it is to unbox and set up this scale, in just a few minutes, the user is ready to start using the scale. The application for phones and tablets Renpho) is free and works with android and ios devices. The renpho application syncs with most used fitness application which include Fitbit, Samsung health, Apple health and Google fit. There are many smart scales on the market and it is getting very hard to know which one to choose. This scale even has applications for Apple watches and this is a huge advantage, since most smart scales don’t have this option .

In fact, most smart scales, after they have been used a few times, they sometimes need to be re calibrated. This scale has auto calibration and is one of the most accurate smart scales. It has four high precision sensors, to maximize the accuracy of the measurements results .

More than ninety percent of people who go on a diet and who also exercise to lose weight, they end up giving up. One reason why most people give up on their weight loss goals, is because they don’t have the right body weight scale. A person who is on a discipline to lose weight, they need to know when they are making progress, even if it is a very small change,it is good to see it, for encouragement.

Here is what it looks like ,from the phone application :

The renpho body fat scale review- a phone screen shot

It shows the user where there are using the line ,from the scale of essential fat to obesity and many other things .The renpho body fat scale review-A phone screen shot


Follow up and tracking are also among the specialties of this scale. The user can monitor their progress and since it syncs with other fitness applications, accessing all the data from all the applications is so easy. The user can set up their weight loss goals, track them daily, weekly or monthly, it is up to them .

How to use this scale the proper way and avoid errors ?

One of the big topic about smart scales,is their accuracy. There is a debate about how trustworthy the measurements results are. There are a lot of reasons why some people complain about their accuracy,from personal to technical.One of them being the fact that some users don’t set up their scale the proper way and don’t know how to use them correctly. If the user sets up the scale with inaccurate personal informations,the measurements results are probably also going to be inaccurate .

Here are a few steps the user can follow to get the best from the scale :

  • When setting up the scale, they have to make sure they enter their exact height, age and gender. The scale takes into consideration all the personal data the user enters at the beginning. A woman’s and a man’s body are built with many similarities and yet with so many differences, especially in body composition.
  • To get accurate results from this scale, it has to be placed on a hard and flat surface. Although some smart scales work perfectly even on a carpet, it is always better to place it on a really hard and flat surface. Some surfaces look flat when they are not really. On a given surface there could be a small double slope to allow water draining and it is very hard to see. So,the user has to be sure they have placed to scale at the right place, in the right spot before the use .
  • Just like the old scales, smart scales also need to be stepped on, bare feet and steady looking straight forward with no heavy clothing, for better accuracy. The use has to step on all the four electrodes of the scale, two electrodes under each foot. If the user steps on this scale with heavy clothing and other stuff, the scale considers the weight of the user and all the others things as one body weight all together.
  • The other thing which is recommended to avoid errors, is to use the scale at the same hour each day, it facilitates the scale’s system to track all the data for each day and all the changes if there is any, in the body composition .

What I like about this scale

This scale has proved itself,over and over again, to be one of the best bathroom scales as we speak. It is really a smart scale, which definitely does more than what the traditional scales were able to do .

Here are my favorite features of this scale :

  • Data protection is a big deal as we speak, because people around the world have had their personal data exposed without their consent and used for malicious purposes.This scale has a secure Bluetooth connection and Renpho has a customer service team which can be contacted twenty-four days a week for help if there is any trouble with the scale
  • This scale measures what matters in the body.It measures the body composition index,thirteen to be exact which are the most used determine how healthy someone is.The thirteen key body composition,which this scale measures include the body Weight, BMI, Body Fat%, Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat and Metabolic. For example, the subcutaneous fat is one of the body composition which require attention because a body with a lot of subcutaneous fat is at risk of heart disease, strokes , diabetes and more.It is also the same for visceral fat level which is directly related to body resistance to insulin and cholesterol level.
  • This scale has over three million users worldwide,which is definitely a good sign.It shows that people trust this brand and like Renpho scales, in general .
  • Here is another cool thing about this scale,it has unlimited user capacity, which means everybody can use this scale separately in a big house hold.This scale records and stores all the data separately and organized .The Renpho body fat scale review-An image of a family
  • The other thing I like about this scale is how it tracks the user’s weight loss goals and even congratulate them when they reach them.It feels like it is a fitness or a gym buddy who is always there whenever needed to encourage their friend and cheer them up !

What I don’t like about this scale

In general, this scale is one of my favorite.However , I don’t like the fact that the screen of the scale only displays the weight of the user and not the other details on the body composition.All the other twelve body composition details be found on the user’s phone, in the Renpho application,where they can be easily manipulated for more ,tracked,where weight loss goals can be set and more.

It happened that some users got wrong measurements results.At least,some of them got results they were not expecting.This is mostly because they didn’t follow the directions properly.Always remember as a user, to give the scale enough time to compute all the measurements internally and send everything to the application.Some user just don’t wait,they step on the scale and step off without waiting at least fifteen to twenty seconds.Yes,I wish this scale could do the measurement process faster .

Furthermore,even if this scale is built strong and durable, the user needs to stand on it gently.Although the four foots at the bottom which stabilize the scale are robust ,they can also break easily if the user steps on this device harshly. I wish this scale was shockproof, especially at the bottom including the four legs.Besides that,it would be cool if this scale used position control technology which basically guide the user into the correct stance for the measurement .

The battery life of this scale is the last thing that I don’t like and I wish it was just rechargeable . However ,since it takes AAA batteries,it also depends on the quality of the batteries.Energizer ultimate lithium batteries like Duracell, most likely last much longer than less known battery brands .

Where do I stand regarding this scale ?

In the long run,this is a scale that I recommend and that for many motives,notably the ones I cited in the article and many more.

For those who have this bathroom scale,what do you think of this review ?I would to hear your personal review .

After reading this article,would you please leave a comment below, a question or anything ?I will get back to you and
also don’t forget to share with friends and family.

Thank you very much

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  • Data protection
  • Focused measuring
  • Trustworthiness
  • Multi users capacity
  • Tracking system


  • Screen display
  • Measuring speed
  • Fragility
  • Lack of position control feature
  • Battery life

14 comments on “The Renpho body fat scale review

This bathroom scale seems really high tech compared to my old one. I am looking to upgrade in the near future. The one I have currently is old fashioned and does not have digital features of any kind. I really enjoyed your thorough review and I trust your opinion. I definitely will be getting a new scale since I am beginning to workout more and I would love to have some of these new features. Weighing in will be much more fun!


Hi Shyla ,i am glad you like my review .Let me know when you need to know anything regarding bathroom scale ,i will do my best to help you out .Thank you very much


This looks to be one fancy weighing scale. Things have become so hi-tech, that it’s confusing at times.
Your review is wonderful and u have brought out all the good and bad points so well.


You are Welcome Aparna .I am glad that you enjoyed my review.Thank you



This is a great review. I have never heard of a scale that will tell you your body fat aswell as your weight and other factors. If I had this about ten years ago then I would have bought it straight away. I used to be a Thai Boxer and my body fat was something I did my best to keep as low as possible.

I still exercise but nowhere near the intensity that I used to. Maybe I should start focusing on my body fat again and consider this scale that you have reviewed.

I will let you know if I invest in this and if I do I’ll update you on how my body fat is reducing.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

All the best,



Hi Tom ,I appreciate your comment and yes please let me know when you get your scale or when you have any question about bathroom scales .


They say that when you are dieting or trying to lose weight that you shouldn’t jump on the scales too often because the changes you tend to see are very little or not at all and therefore plays on the mind.

Having said that these scales do look like the real deal as far as scales go.

They aren’t just going to give you your weight but a load of other data that serious trainers can use in a whole load of ways.

Thank you for sharing and I will be checking these out further.


Good idea Mick ,go ahead and check it out further .Let me know if you have any question .Thank you


I love the idea of having a computer to record all the measurements and just calculate how I am doing in regards to weight loss or gain. How much muscle mass we gained etc. It just makes it so much easier to know how our efforts are doing and without having to write everything down and keep a tally. I love it.


Hi Rick ,I am glad you like my review .Thank you very much


Interesting to know of such a smart scale. It’s something close to having your very own gym trainer within close reach, especially with the phone app integration! The Apple smart watch integration is the definite win for me.

Also surprised at the fact it uses AAA batteries!

Thanks for writing this review!



You are welcome Sam .i am glad you like my review .


Amy Smith

These sound great! I must admit I do get a little bit obsessive with these things and love a gadget!

These do so much more than just regular scales and I’ve been looking out for good ones that measure body fat but was always a little sceptical on how accurate they were.

Whats your opinion on this?


Hi Amy ,

Renpho usually has good scales and the price is mostly not too bad .So ,yeah i would recommend this scale ,it has a lot of nice features .thank you


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