What can amazon echo dot do ?The key features

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I remember when I used to connect wires and wires just to be able to play music on a speaker. Those days are gone. Today as we speak there are smart speakers which don’t need any wire to connect on your phone. There many brands out there which makes it hard for you and I to choose. There are many factors to consider when we choose which one to buy as well. One example is the Amazon Echo dot speaker which is a nice cute speaker to add salt into your life. Yet people still don’t buy these new speakers because they haven’t heard about them. What would you say if a friend asked you what can amazon echo dot do ?Here are the key features of the amazon echo dot .


First thing first, the set up

  • Take the power cable which comes with the speaker, connect it on the speaker
  • Plug the power cable in the power outlet .
  • Wait for Alexa to say hello
  • Download the Alexa app on your phone or tablet
  • you could also access your Alexa settings and set up from in case you don’t have a phone or tablet
  • Connect your speaker to your WiFi
  • once you are connected to the WiFi,the device is ready for use .
  • To start using your speaker just say “Hey Alexa”which is its wake word.
  • Alexa can speak English or french. To change language just say Alexa switch language to french or English

Informations about traffic

  • From the application settings you can add addresses and stops you go to in your routine
  • with the addresses and stops in the system of the device you can ask for traffic details from one point to another

organized calendar

  • Access calendar from settings and then calendar
  • Link your emails account to your speaker
  • Add appointments in your calendar
  • Ask Alexa for what’s on your calendar

Buy things on amazon using your voice

  • Your speaker is connected with your amazon account, the one you used to buy things on amazon
  • You can enable or disable voice purchasing .
  • You can order products from amazon just using your voice,talking to Alexa and have them delivered at the address in your amazon account. All this can be done without moving a tip of your finger .

Play music

You can play a variety of music on this device as it is compatible with many music streaming services.By default, the device comes with amazon music buit-in but you can change this to use another music streaming channel you want.Here are the music streaming services you can use .

  • Spotify
  • Apple music
  • Deezer
  • Sirius XM
  • Audio books from audible

To change from amazon music to another streaming service follow these steps:

  • Go to settings in your Alexa app
  • Then music and media
  • you can also link your music streaming services

Play many devices in group

  • In your Alexa application go to devices and then devices group
  • Add a group of devices,give it a name
  • Some devices can’t be connected to the group
  • use only the devices which can be added to the group
  • To play the devices in group just tell Alexa “play this or that and the group name
  • This feature is good for parties as the sound will echo through the whole house

Managing many echo dot

They are small and can fit any corner of your house.It is up to you of how many you want.If you have more than one echo dot it is always a good idea to rename them.Doing this will allow you to play music on one and do something different on another.This is also useful when you want to play your speakers in group or separately.

Add skills of your speaker

  • When you buy your speaker,it comes with default and basic features.
  • You can add features to your speaker
  • From your Alexa app,click on skills
  • choose the features you want to add
  • Use the new features to manage other smart devices in your home

Connects to smart devices in your home

This is one of the best ability of the amazon echo dot .

  • It scans for compatible smart devices in your home.
  • When you get a new smart device in your home set it up and connect it to the WiFi .
  • Ask Alexa to discover new devices that are compatible .
  • Connect to the new devices .You could control things like smart thermostat, smart lighting,smart oven and more

The flash briefing feature

when you need to know some quick news trending,the weather and more the flash briefing got your back. To access this feature follow these steps:

  • Go to settings in your Alexa app
  • Then flash briefing
  • You can choose where you want your news to come from
  • you can also choose preferences and add what you want to get in your flash briefing

sound feature

  • You can ask Alexa to adjust the equalizer
  • Adjust the bass high or low
  • Has dual speakers for nice bass and a nice sound experience.
  • Rich and loud sound

Privacy protection

As technology evolves, it is more and harder to keep our privacy when we use the new devices.The amazon echo dot speaker is designed to protect the privacy of the user .

  • It is built with multiple layers to protect your privacy
  • Gives you access to your voice recordings in case you want to delete some
  • You can disconnect the microphone on your speaker
  • Rich and loud sound

Take action now

It is easy to give up on something we bought for our home just because we don’t know how to use it properly.Have you given up on by the amazon echo dot in your house ?Hopefully not.Do you have one in your home?or you want to put one in your kitchen and one in the guest bedroom get an amazon echot dot  today!

Next time a person asks you what can amazon echo dot do ,just tell to the person these key features.


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7 comments on “What can amazon echo dot do ?The key features

Very informative post, thank you I wasn’t aware what the Echo Dot is all able to accomplish, amazing!


I recently bought the basic amazon echo dot and I am just loving it. My son is literally harassing her by asking so many questions. Soon Alexa will come home personally and scold my son 😀


This is hilarious ,my daughter does the same to our speaker.


Great!! Learning new things are great especially when it’s thoroughly explained


Thank you and I am glad you like my post


I have an Ecko Dot. I LOVE it!! My husband LOVES it! I create pendants and earrings with polymer clay. Polymer clay needs to be baked. All I have to do is say “Alexa set the alarm for 15 minutes from now.” And she’ll let me know when my clay is ready to come out of the oven. How cool is that? Alexa, play Sting. Oh my gosh I love it.
I was not aware of all of the privacy features installed, I am really glad to read that.


Hi Teresa,yeah privacy aspect is very important when we are using smart devices.I am glad this helped you.Thank you very much


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