what is an amazon fire tv stick?From settings to features

Have you ever seen a USB key or a USB flash drive in your life ?Well ,the amazon fire TV stick is a small streaming device which looks as a USB flash drive . Although these two look the same,they are completely different . One is primarily used for storing documents.The other one which is the amazon fire TV stick in this case is made for a completely different purpose. This is what a USB flash drive looks like


USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive

You probably have one at home or at the office . However,most of us don’t know what is an amazon fire TV stick is and what it does for us.

Honestly, we could confuse it with a USB flash drive.Right ?We know about the flash drive and we probably have used one sometime.Now,let’s find out about the amazon fire TV stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick and its remote
Amazon Fire TV Stick and its remote



What you need first

To be able to use this gadget on your TV ,you need an internet connection . It is always recommended having a high speed internet for maximum performance and for a better signal.Once you have an internet connection you need also a TV of course.You need a TV which has a HDMI port. Most TV has this port and it looks like this

Most of the time you can find this port at the back of your TV or on the side edges

HDMI Ports
HDMI Ports

Just connect it to your TV

You need to plug the amazon TV stick into the HDMI port on your TV to start enjoying.Here is what happens after you plug it to the TV:

  • Instructions are going to come up on your TV for you to set up the new gadget
  • Follow instruction on the TV to connect the stick to the internet
  • You will be asked which brand your TV is.Just choose from the screen among the choices.
  • You will also see a tutorial of how to use the device

Have an old TV with no smart hub ?Don’t worry

Let’s say you have an old TV which doesn’t have the smart hub. You would like to enjoy more content on your old TV and you at the same time you don’t want to buy a brand new smart TV .Once you plug an amazon fire TV stick on your old TV ,you have access to content from smart Hub.Yes,it turns your old TV into a smart TV

You may not need cable after all

I know many people like their subscription to cable channels because of the news they watch,sports channels,documentaries and more.Well ,the fire TV stick gives you access to:

  • Live events and channels
  • On demand content,movies and more
  • Access to streaming services like Netflix,Hulu ,Spotify,YouTube ,and more.
  • You watch what you want when you want .
  • No more antennas
  • web browsing
  • Gaming
  • and more

You get what you say

The fire stick is comes with its remote which has a microphone.The remote allows to:

  • Command your TV
  • Navigate through the apps and content you access through the stick
  • The remote is connected to amazon Alexa assistant
  • You can command your TV by talking to the remote which comes with the stick.
  • This would be similar to using the amazon smart speaker

Can I afford the fire TV stick ?

The fire TV stick is definitely cheaper because:

  • It is cheaper compared to having cable TV 
  • A brand new smart TV could cost at least $200 and this is among the cheapest
  • You don’t need to pay for the fire TV stick each month
  • In some cases you may need to pay for the streaming services you choose , now that you have plenty options.There are a bunch of free apps and channels  for the fire TV stick. It is your call
  • If you are subscribed to amazon prime,you have access to amazon prime streaming service for free
  • Most streaming services also offer a 30-day trial but after that you may have to pay

Can using the fire TV stick be boring sometimes?


Using this device is a never ending experience .

  • It learns what you like to watch
  • It suggests you content based on what you like to watch
  • It predicts based on what you like to watch what you might like

It is not heavy,it is practical,it is portable

Using the fire TV stick is very practical as it allows you

  • Move the stick from one TV to another
  • You just need to plug the stick on the TV
  • Your favorite shows and movies follows you everywhere
  • You just need a TV and a working internet
  • This is very practical when you travel for example

Is there different types of the amazon fire TV stick?

There is the amazon fire TV stick for HD experience on your TV and there is also the fire TV stick with a 4K experience on your TV. You may say what is the difference between HD and 4K? I spoke about this in my other article . It is about the quality of the images. Although the difference is almost unnoticeable some people are sensitive to this and they can detect the difference right away. If you have a 4k TV already it is not recommended buying the fire TV stick for HD.However for HD TV user having the 4K stick is a plus.HD TV user can also use the fire TV stick for HD of course .

How to troubleshoot the device in case of trouble

Using technology and these new devices that are on the market today is not always a smooth ride. Sometimes there could be troubles and you won’t be able to watch your favorite TV.It could be a faulty internet or something else you never know. However ,if you experience trouble with your fire TV sticker try these things to fix the problem.

  • Reboot the internet
  • Check if your fire TV stick is connected to the internet from settings
  • Make sure there is not much obstruction from your router and the fire TV stick .
  • The closer the router is to the fire TV stick,the better the signal
  • Reboot the fire TV stick by pressing and holding the round select button on the remote
  • Keep an eye on the storage of the stick.Check it out from settings >My fire TV>About >Storage
  • You can’t download more apps where you run out of space in the storage, so erase apps you don’t need
  • Check for updates from settings>My fire TV >About>Check for update .
  • Stop the apps you are not using from running in the background from settings >Applications>Manage installed apps>Pick the app you want to close>Force stop

Hidden features and settings

Learning how to use new devices is always challenging.It can save us time when a friend tells us how things work. Isn’t it ?Here are more features of the fire TV stick that many of us don’t know about.

  • You can control your fire TV stick using your phone.Download the fire TV app for your phone
  • This makes the taping easy as you won’t have to tape one letter at the time when writing something in your search box
  • Connect with other Bluetooth devices (From settings>Controllers and Bluetooth>Other Bluetooth devices >Add Bluetooth devices ).Use this for headphones,game controllers,and more
  • Access content from by the mirroring option in the fire TV stick main menu. For i phones and i pads,mac books search and download the app “air screen”
  • You can browse through the internet using the fire TV stick.Access this option with the app called “silk”
  • You can access any website you want using the app silk
  • You can have a screen saver of your photos in the amazon fire TV stick menu. To access this go to your amazon photos and choose the picture you want as a screen saver
  • You can check for your remote batteries life from settings >Controller and Bluetooth devices >Amazon fire TV remote and from here you will see info about the battery and the status. It will tell you weither the batteries are OK or not

What about the privacy?

Privacy is a hot topic these days with all the technology we use daily.With the fire TV stick you have options to not be tracked.By default, the Fire TV stick could be tracked (some personal data,How often and how long you use a given app, your preferences data could be used to create ads based on what you like to watch and search for on your fire TV stick).However you have the option to turn this tracking process off. Access this by going to:

  • Settings
  • Preferences
  • Privacy settings

What do you want to watch on your TV?

The question of what is an amazon fire TV stick should be easy to answer now that you know all this.Really it takes the TV experience to the next level.What do you think ?Feel free to tell me in the comments.The resemblance with the USB flash drive is incredible isn’t it ? Yet the fire TV stick is something very different and can offer you something very different when plugged on your TV .Please don’t get the two confused or buy one instead of the other .


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A few years back, our daughter bought each family member a fire stick. This was our first experience using one. So, the one you write about must be the upgrade to the one that we have. We totally use it to watch current movies as well as stream some of our favorite tv shows. The device is amazing.


Hi, thank you so much for the thorough and detailed information about amazon fire TV stick, I had never got to know what a fire tv stick is until I read your post! Many people will definitely find this post helpful, so thank you! 🙂



Great post. I have heard lots of really good things about the amazon fire stick, but I have not yet purchased one.

I do not have netflix, or sky or BT or anything like that, I just have freeview TV. I think it’s about time I changed that, and after reading your review I think it will be a good idea to purchase one of the amazon firesticks.

When I eventually do it, I will let you know my thoughts and give you my review.

Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work.

All the best,



I am glad you like the post .Thank you


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