what is the Qardioarm?All details

The last time my blood pressure was measured,my doctor started by putting a rigid cuff on my upper arm. The doctor had an oscillatory device in the hand with a gage .The cuff on my upper arm was then inflated by the doctor using the small pump oscillatory device.The cuff was inflated until the blood in my artery could flow no more.The cuff was then deflated,the doctor checked the gage and told me my blood pressure was normal .

Today , with the Qardioarm there is no need to go through all the protocols I cited above to measure the blood pressure. Wondering what is the Qardioarm ?That is what I am going to talk about in this article.Starting with an overview of the device and ending with the benefits the user gets.

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Qardioarm overview


The Qardioarm is made by Qardio Incorporation ,it is a light and portable wireless smart blood pressure monitor.It uses medical grade accuracy to measure a person’s systolic/diastolic blood pressure and heart rate and automatically stores all the measurements data to Qardio’s secure cloud. The free Qardio application used on a phone or tablet allows the user to measure and access all the measurement data whenever they need.The device has a long battery life which can go up to a full year after a single charge .

The benefits of using the Qardioarm

Measuring the blood pressure and heart rate has never been so easy.Using the Qardioarm has changed everything.There are a lot of benefits of using the Qardioarm and they include :

  1. An easy set up
  2. It has a soft cuff, not the rigid one 
  3. Takes the measurements using the smart technology.
  4. The device is medically accurate
  5. Gives help to understand the measurements results.
  6. Easy storing and sharing of  the measurements results .
  7. Uses an advanced heart health tracking method

1. An easy set up

Qardioarm wirelessly connects using Bluetooth to a smartphone,a tablet,a smartwatch and more. The set up is easily done in a few clicks in the Qardio application which can be downloaded on the apple store or the playstore.

This device is compatible with apple devices ,android and kindle

2. It has a soft cuff ,not the rigid one

The Qardioarm is very different from the old blood pressure monitor which uses the rigid cuff and the pump.In fact ,the rigid cuff can painful especially when it is the wrong size . The Qardioarm has a soft, flexible cuff which is also its protective case.It fits adults with a small or large upper arm .It is wireless , light, portable and very practical for travel as it can fit in a small pocket.

3. Takes the measurement using the smart technology

The Qardio application analyses the measurements,detects and records the irregular heart beats. Through the Qardio application,it is easy for the user to keep the doctor abreast of these irregularities.The Qardioarm measures 3 times and averages the measurements for better accuracy .

4. The device is medically accurate

There are many blood pressure monitor on the market today.However ,the results from the measurements are not always trusted.The blood pressure monitor has to be FDA cleared and it  is the case for the Qardioarm.It is clinically validated and provides data the doctors can trust and use for the follow up of patients. The device can be used by many people separately, it will know and sort out the data for each person .

5. Gives help to understand the measurements results

With this device,the user gets help to understand the results through a detailed World Health Organization chart. The user can see past measurements,compare with new ones and see all the heart health changes through charts that are easy to understand. The device also has the geotracking technology which allows the user to see all the changes in the blood pressure when they are at certain locations .(Home,office , vacation,etc).

6. Easy storing and sharing of the measurements results

The Qardio application works in synchronization with many useful applications and platforms.The device allows the user to have all the health data are stored in one place.It has a “Friends and Family” function which allows sharing with them the measurements.Moreover ,the user can have the doctor’s email stored in the Qardio application and share with them the measurements in just one click.This smart blood pressure monitor can be paired with up to eight smartphones or tablets.

7. Uses an advanced heart health tracking method

This device allows the user to track the heart health like never before.Using the Qardio application , the user can visualize live the Electrical Activity of the heart continuously.The user can analyze their complete heart health from their heart rate,heart rate variability,respiratory rate, to the skin temperature.The device stores all the data ,creates a heart health history and tracks any changes. This smart blood pressure monitor compiles all the data and gives and overall summary of the situation in simple charts and graphs that are easy to understand.

It is time to monitor our blood pressure the smart way

The Qardioarm has really made things so easy and practical.No more the rigid cuff which makes a person fill uncomfortable.No more the fears of inaccurate measurements.This device measurements are trusted by doctors. The triple measurement and the irregular heart beats which this device can find changes everything .

The doctor follows everything easily . It also saves the user a lot of time.No more unnecessary trips to the doctors office.In one click,the doctor sees all the changes in the heart health .

By helping the user to understand the measurements results ,they get educated and when they talk or meet with the doctor,they know what to ask.With this device, it is so easy to let the family and friends know about the heart health.

There are many nice smart devices that do a really god job these days .The Qardiobase 2  smart scale which  is from the same family as the Qardioarm is part of my favourites list too.

If interested in buying ,The Qardioarm can be bought by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope this was helpful to you . If you have a question or a comment,please leave them below.I will be more that happy to discuss about this.


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6 comments on “what is the Qardioarm?All details

this article is really helpful you can transmit your passion about technology and leave a lot ideas about a better technology uses.
Marlon Vera


Hi Marlon ,Technology is definitely here to improve our lives.We just need to learn how to take that advantage .The Qardioarm has made everything so easy like never before . I am happy you like my article


Wow ! the Quadioarm is a leap forward, I go to the Doctor often and will tell him about it, I think is great how you can sinc it to your phone and then share results with your Doctor. I have been using a smart watch to get the readings for myself because I have to watch my heart, I think everyone should. Thanks for the new information and a review that is informative.


You are welcome Mark ,i am glad my article helped you .Smart watches are also good for this .However i really recommend you also to try the Qardioarm .I am confident you are going to like it .Thank you



Thanks for this review on the Qardioarm, I’m going to recommend it to my boyfriend who got told at his last physical that his blood pressure was worrying and something that he needed to keep an eye on.

He currently has a cheap blood pressure gauge off Amazon, but I’m dubious as to how accurate it is and the fact that this is FDA approved, and lets you track your historic readings is fantastic news! What a great use of technological advances to improve our abilities to track our own health!


Hi Lisa ,

I believe this smart blood pressure would be a perfect fit for your boyfriend .It is so easy to use and comfortable . I recommend you this device ,it is safe to use this one and it is FDA approved which is really cool .



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