What is the Samsung SmartThings Hub ?The usage and the features

We probably have all seen,heard about or some of us even have smart devices we use in our homes. They are becoming more and more useful in this modern world in which we live .

Some of us have bought without knowing devices for our homes which have the smart technology.Others have moved into houses with smart devices already installed . We have them but still don’t take advantage of them as we could because we don’t know they are smart devices .

Well,do you know what is the Samsung smartthings hub ?It is a device which is very useful for smart devices users and I am going to tell you about it  in this article.I will show you the benefits of using it .I will show you how to use it,the features ,the settings and more .So ,let ‘s jump right in …

An overview of the Samsung smartthings hub

samsung smartthings hub

The Samsung smartthings Hub is a device which used    to control all the WiFi connected devices in a home in one place.It is the brain of all your connected devices combined together  .

Benefits of using the Samsung smartthings hub

One main problem smart devices user experience is to know which device will work with which.That is where the Samsung SmartThings Hub  becomes handy.

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The Samsung Smartthings Hub  saves the user time and the headache by finding out how to make all the connected devices work together .

There are a lot of benefits of using this device and they include:

  • It searches and connects to all the compatible devices in your home.
  • Controlling all the WiFi connected devices your home.
  • It connects with a variety of brands including those that are not Samsung.
  • It works with the voice assistants google or Alexa.
  • It turns your home into a smart home .
  • From one point,control smart plugs,smart bulbs,smart fridges, smart thermostats,smart security camera,and more.
  • It can monitor the alarm system using sensors,sends notifications to your phone and can even alert police in case there is an emergency.
  • With this device, you can set up your smart devices in your home to follow your routine. You don’t need to set each one up to do the same things again and again .

How to set up the Samsung smartthings hub

The set up process is easy :

  • Start the device by connecting the power cable to the device and into a wall plug
  • Connect the Ethernet cable if you have the  second generation model ( WiFi option is available on the third generation model  )
  • Download the smartthings application on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Once the device is connected to the internet ,start adding and controlling the connected devices.

How to connect the Samsung smartthings hub to a smart speaker

Using the Samsung smartthings hub on your phone or tablet is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.It is even more cool when you can command all the devices just by speaking to Alexa or google for assistance.

Here is how to pair the amazon echo speaker to the Samsung smartthings hub or the google home :

Amazon Echo

  • Open the amazon echo app on your phone or tablet
  • From the menu,go to smart home>Get more smart skills
  • Search for smartthings and enable it.
  • Log into the smartthings account>Select smartthings hub> and click on Authorize

After these steps above,the user is ready to start commanding the connected devices by just speaking to Alexa.

Google Home

  • Open your the google home app on your phone or tablet
  • From the menu,go to home control
  • Click on the plus button and then click on smartthings
  • Log into the smartthings account and  click on authorize

Which brands are compatible with the Samsung smartthings hub

Unlike the other devices used to connect smart devices in your home together,the Samsung SmartThings Hub allows as to connect to different brands. Here are a few which work with this device ,who knows ,maybe be you already have one of these brands in your home:

  • Samsung smart fridges
  • Philips Hue Bulbs and ambiance lights with colours
  • LIFX bulbs and lights
  • Arlo security cameras
  • Schlage smart locks and deadbolts
  • Ring video doorbells
  • Ecobee thermostats
  • Samsung smart oven
  • Caseta smart switches dimmers and sensors
  • Honeywell thermostats, heaters, ceilling fans, Air coolers,humidifiers ,air purifier and more
  • Sylvania smart lights
  • Yale smart locks
  • Kwikset Smartkeys and locks
  • Etc

How the Samsung smartthings hub works with sensors

Let’s take a quick look at sensors for example as they can be installed almost everywhere. Here are some things that can be done through the Samsung smartthings hub using sensors :

  • With a sensor is on the window,the user can get a notification on the phone or tablet to close a window that was left open before it rains and have it closed .This is also an energy saver,when using A/C or thermostat as they work better when windows closed .
  • Put a sensor on your keys or on your pets.You will always know where they are in seconds through the Samsung smartthings hub
  • WIth the motion sensor ,lights turn on and off automatically based on whether or not there is activity in a room.This means no more leaving lights on in a room,for no reason .
  • Control a fan using the temperature sensor,a smart plug and a smart outlet.
  • etc

This is just one example ,imagine what you can do with cameras,doorbells ,doorlocks ,refrigerator and all the other smart devices available today .There are many combinations when using smart devices and everything is controlled  through the Samsung smartthings hub .

How to turn your home into a smart home

A hom

The samsung smartthings hubThe samsung smartthings hub is what’s needed to make your home into a smart home.Once you have a Samsung smartthings hub in your home,you just need to see what devices you may like to use around your house (smart Cameras, sensors ,Smart lights,etc ). When a new device is bought,the Samsung smartthings hub adds it to the list of connected devices in your home.In this way the user don’t need to buy the whole smart home system in one single shot.They can add devices one by one if they want or remove them. It communicates with each one and make them all work together to make the life easy for the user .

How to troubleshoot your Samsung smartthings Hub

Most problems that can occur when using the Samsung smartthings hub can be solved by rebooting the device.Here is how to reboot the device :

  • Press the red button which is at the back of the device once and release it ,  wait for about 4 minutes.Once the LED light on the device is solid green and  try the device to see if the problem is solved. If this method doesn’t work ,your device may need to do a hard reboot .
  • Hard reboot by disconnecting all the connected cables (Power cable,Ethernet cable ),remove the batteries also if there are any , wait for about 1 minute and reconnect everything back together. After doing this, the device should work again as brand new.

Our homes deserve the best

a gift


In the 24 hours in each day a great amount is spent in our homes.After a long day nothing compares to getting home and relax with family,talking about nothing.

It is kind of annoying when the thermostat has to be adjusted,the oven turned on and then the fan and this and that.Before we know,we find ourselves getting busy with all the little things to be done which add up quickly .

What if you could do some of the things without moving the tip of your finger ?What if you could cook your diner just by talking to Alexa ?What if you could close windows and doors without touching them.I know it sounds like magic, Isn’t it ?One thing is sure, It definitely would free up time to do something else or just chill with the family .

Give your home this upgrade,it’s worth it

Get a Samsung smartthings hub  today and transform your home into a smart home.It is easy.The good news is that the whole smart home system kit don’t have to be bought in a single shot.There are new devices that keep being released,start with things like doorbells,security cameras,sensors,light bulbs,plugs ,I mean it your call really.

Devices can be added according to the needs and preferences. How do you want you smart home to be ?That is the real question to ask yourself .

If your friends or family ask what is the Samsung smartthings hub ? You know what to respond now .Tell them that the Samsung smartthings hub is the device which could help them to do everything around the house  from their couch.

If you like  the samsung smartthings hub and want to know where to buy one click here.

Thank you for reading my article .If you have one more minute don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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