Why buy a smartwatch-10 benefits

We all know that some people,no matter how we try to convince them they will still want to keep their old-fashioned gears .Most of the time this is because people like things they are used to.If they had to choose between learning how to use a newer device and keep using the old one that is outdated,they would go for keeping and using their old device.They are more acquainted with their old devices and they are comfortable using them over the years .

However,new gears that are available today are made as improvements,to do what old models couldn’t do. In this case, it is about watches ,you tell a person to buy a smart watch and they say no, I don’t want ,I prefer keep my old watch.Wrist watch

Sometimes I understand them because they don’t know about smartwatches and what they can do .

So, Why buy a smartwatch?Here are 10 benefits :

1. Receive notifications on your smartwatch

  • Just as on the phone,you can have notifications on your smartwatch from whatsapp Facebook,twitter and more
  • You don’t need to reach out for your pocket or purse as your watch is on your wrist
  • Don’t have to look for your phone in a meeting or during conversation with colleagues ,you can now just have a quick glance to your smartwatch. It is polite this way.Isn’t it ?
  • Check your emails and more

2. Connectivity with your other smart devices

  • It gets connected to Wifi
  • You can control your other smart devices like smart speakers,lights and more from your smartwatch
  • It is a time saver,usually we needed a smart phone or tablet to be able to control the smart devices at home .

3. Makes travel more easy

  • You can have your boarding pass  on your smartwatch
  • You can pay things just buy taping your smartwatch to the card reader or terminal .For paying with your watch you  just need to put your cards information in the smartwatch  first.

4. It has a long battery life

  • battery life last longer,you don’t need to keep charging day by day like phones
  • some smartwatches have their batteries, after being charged to full,last as long as 2 weeks

5. You can customize your smartwatch whenever you want

  • Smartwatches can have a variety of watch faces
  • You can choose whichever you want to match occasions like a professional meeting or just a night out with friends.

6. Smart watches are good fitness tracker

  • It motivates to work out or to just move,stand and more
  • It can count your steps
  • It can show you the distance you walked in a period of time
  • It shows you how many calories you have burned in a period of time
  • It tracks your heart rate .
  • It can track your sleeping habits and suggest better habits for better rest
  • some smartwatches are waterproof,you can swim with them they keep tracking you.
  • You can check your messages and notifications without going out the water

7. Calling and texting

  • Having a smartwatch,you don’t need to carry your phone everywhere.
  • You can call and text from your smartwatch
  • You can receive calls and text messages as well
  • some smart watches have a voice recognition feature.You can talk to your smartwatch and have it do what you want for example calling,texting ,checking the weather,and more .

8. Access to most entertainment apps

  • You can watch YouTube videos on some smartwatch
  • You can listen on your smartwatch
  • you can adjust the volume how you want.

9. Helps to navigate

  • Receive directions on your wrist, where to turn next or stop
  • Some smartwatches have a built in GPS
  • Some smartwatches can also tell you where you are located if you are lost and your elevation.

10. Helps to find your other smart devices in case they are lost

  • You can connect your smartwatch to your phone or tablet
  • Most smartwatches helps to find your smart phone or tablet by ringing it.
  • Tells you the location of the device so that you don’t go look for your phone at your office when the phone was just at your house the whole time. It tells the address.

Smart watch or smart phone ?

Smart watches are definitely the watches from the future. 30 years ago,who would have thought we could do all these things just from as close as our wrist ?As we speak, smart watches can do most of the things we use our phones and tablets for.However ,smart watches are not meant to replace phones and tablets.They are here to assist,they are accompaniments to the phones and tablets.You now could control your phone or tablet from your wrist smart watch.You won’t need to get to your pocket to get the phone out .

One of the difference between phones and smartwatches is that the watch does the things the phone can do but on a smaller scale .Smartwatches are supposed to be used as a substitute in some cases but all this for not too long .

When exercising for example,it is more practical to use your smartwatch to check out your notifications.Using the phone to check notifications while exercising may require you to stop exercising first and this is unhandy.

Let’s get smart

Are you still wondering,why buy a smartwatch?One thing is certain, these new gears we see today around us are here to make our lives easier somehow. The problem is that most people don’t know about all this.For sure ,time is precious more than ever and most of us get stuck in our routines and forget about the world around us.It is more and more hard to find time for things like shopping. I know we regularly go for grocery shopping but that is not what I am talking about.When was the last time you shopped for a watch ?If you think of getting  a new one ,this time ,how about a smartwatch? Yes,they can do all those things above from notifying you, to helping you retrieve your other devices.Isn’t this awesome ? Smartwatches can definitely do more than the regular watch is capable of doing and there are more benefits of having a smartwatch that you will only experience once you have one. Let’s also don’t forget that newer models with more and more features are on the way.

What do you think about this article ?Feel free to comment and thank you.

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13 comments on “Why buy a smartwatch-10 benefits

Very informative post!

I personally don’t own a smartwatch, but have been leaning towards possibly getting one soon.

The one thing I think people should understand before buying one is that it isn’t meant to replace your smartphone. They make a great companion device to your smartphone and most manufactures have a smartwatch that can go hand in hand with their phones.


Absolutely ,you got it right Jerry.That is an important point about smartwatches . Thank you very much Jerry

Omar Obispo

Smartwatches are pretty neat. I’m thinking about getting one.


Of course Omar ,i think it worth it . They can do so much.They make our lives easier .Thanks Omar


I did not realize a smartwatch had so many options! I am forever looking for my cellphone and my tablet. It drives me nuts! A smartwatch might be the answer. Thanks for this awesome post.


I am glad you like my post .Thank you very much


I love the idea of a smartwatch, and will probably get one in the future. I’ve not worn a watch for years as I use my iphone for looking at the time, and everything else. However, I love the fact you can find other lost devices with it! I often lose my phone in the car, or spend ages looking for it in the house. I know it doesn’t replace a smart phone, but would be a great alternative to checking emails or sending texts when you’re on the move.


Definitely worth to be tried out in a lifetime .Thanks kathy


Hi I guess I am more a smart phone person. Mainly because the text on smart watches are to small for me to read. I tried one. But I absolutely like the Idea and many of the functions. I might find a big smartwatch.:)


I am happy you like my post .Thank you very much



Love this article. I have just got a new smartphone from the company I am working with, and I am able to get a smartwatch too. However, I need to pick it myself which is great. So coming across your article has really helped me indeed.

I will let you know how I get on with choosing my smartwatch based on the information you have shared. If I have any issues or questions then I will let you know.

Thanks again for sharing.

All the best,



I actually had no idea that smart watches can do all of those things. I would have to agree with you that it seems a lot more polite to take a look at your watch than constantly take a look at your phone. I one of those people who likes to stick with “old fashioned” things before trying something new, but I definitely see the convenience in getting a smart watch. Thanks for sharing this very informative post!


That’s good.


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